Sister Has Withdrawn

My sister and I were very close at one point.  In the recent months, she has completely withdrawn and prentends to be too busy all the time.  I've tried asking gently if anything is wrong with her, or if I did something to offend her.  The answer is always "Of course not, I'm just busy".  I am worried that she is suppressing whatever is bothering her. She never goes anywhere, just her job and home.  Doesnt have any friends either.  Perhaps she is just expressing her independence? or should I be worried and persistent?
JSheridian JSheridian
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2 Responses May 2, 2007

Speaking as the sister who has withdrawn (from my own) at one point, I'd say the best thing is to offer your constant support .. which you've already given to her, but make sure she knows it. Just let her know you're there for her, you know. I wish you the best of luck. :]

I agree, give her a little nudge, since the two of you have been so close you most likely know what her favourite thing to do is ..... offer that up to her and if she declines, wait a bit and suggest it again, if she declines again, perhaps express your concerns to your parents (if that is an anvenue, hard to tell with the limited information ) or if that is not possible, INSIST on a coffee, maybe being even a bit deceitful (Yikes i hate thinking this way) but tell her you have something really troubling you, which is true but she will probabally think it is about your life, not that you are concerened about hers. IF she goes for that, and i pray she does, then completely GENTLY confront her with your concerns. MAYBE she will open up or maybe it will allow her to know when she feels better she can open uo to you. Whatever you do, try not to let her completely isolate herself for too long, as that often is a sign of depression, which may need professional help. What a GREAT sister you are!!