I am worried about my sister, she breaks my heart... makes me cry throughout the day and at night. Many of her problems are because of bad and wrong decisions she has made, i can even say that her current situation goes back to her stupid attitude when she was my age and I look back at the way she treated herself at the time and I can clearly tell this is wrong, I have no idea what were she thinking ....but still I can't bear it, wish life would smile to her again.

Don't want to blame it all on her, life has not been treating her well also, it is not all her fault, it is all mixed up... there are also somethings which I need to hear the two sides of the story to be able to judge...

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We all pay for the decisions we made when we were young. Friends and people loving us can help us make the most of what we have. Or else we can only hope society will provide for some aid.

Exactly, friends and family should help others to make the best out of the current mess, but it is kind of hard for me to guide someone who is way older than me, it is awkward, Idk how to do it... there are also other problems preventing me from playing this role, it sucks to sit back and watch.

Yes, it is hard for you, and I guess you would like to have a 'mentor', or just a caring responsible person yourself.

Wise, you said it! I do need a mentor, note that almost everyone around me is older than me, I am the youngest at my family but a mentor is NOT just someone who is older than you! Many of the people around me need guidance themselves, some of them are wise enough "like my other sis" but could never understand my problems or I could never feel comfortable opening up to them... but one thing I like about EP is that it gives me the chance to talk to older people, I have kind of found mentors on EP..... I need that so much...

Yep, EP can give us what we were looking for. :)


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