Are you alive? Can you deal with the very likely backlash of what we have willfully started? Are you ready for a real love? For that matter, am I (again?)

I can only present my strength and my light...and I can be what it is you need for the moment. I don't know for how long...but you are certainly something quite special.

I wonder, can you also love me in my weakness and my darkness? Maybe you can. But I never want to resemble that person who is hurting you so much...

Why is life so complicated?
saturnsdaughter saturnsdaughter
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 27, 2014

Life is a myth..through out we look for reasons to be happy...the glitter of emotion...actually we dont need any reasons,we ourself is one good reason..thr is so much to go in life,so much to c,say,learn..and happiness is in our thoughts...maybe just day dream...many times people don't like a few things about us..things get ugly too...remember people who can't be with you when u r being yourself or tryin to be..those people will go eventually someday...just don't hold was just a saying..
I just wanted to say 'LIFE IS A MYTH' :P
remember to kee that smile alive.... ;)