Help Yourselves

i'm worried about you with your attention grabbing fibs and annoying habits

i'm worried about you with your secret obsessions and flirty ways

i'm worried about you with your pessemistic attitude and sad heart

i'm worried about you with your troubles with fitting in and being lied about

i'm worried about you, especially you, who can't seem to find happiness and is happy but dead.


help yourselves. please.

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15 Responses Feb 19, 2010

there's only two going on. go take a nap, dummy lol

i'm excited!! yo amo Edie!! lol

Edie: gracias, hermosa!<br />
TRL: true true

I only elaborated on Floydians advice. He is an admirable person.

XP<br />
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TRL you have great advice *hugs* you too floyd *pokes*

well I have to admit I did enjoy watching the dance show ;P<br />
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Thanks TRL, i think thats the best friends can manage, being happy or sad is our own personal choice :)

i got a 92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrriba!!!!!!!!! *does mexican hat dance around edie's beer bottle* YEY!!!

Floydian is absolutely right. Some of my saddest moments were lifted from me by my friends making me laugh. To be there offering support and love for your friends is the most helpful thing you can do.

For a long time I pondered how to do that too, in the end i realized that I or for that matter you or anyone cannot control anyone's happiness, all you can do is have fun with them and give them some light, humorous, fun filled moments which may make them forget almost all of their worries and be happy for sometime! :)

ok thanks Edie :) OMG guess what i got on my spanish exam!!!!??? (ADHD, sorry lol)

oooh lol oops :P<br />
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well its hard for me to not worry :/ lots of my friends on here are just sad and idk how to make them happy again

And it's too late to worry!

I just meant to say give your head a rest, worrying about others is good, but worrying about others in excess is going to just render you beat up. Have a nice evening!

it's only seven at night here no way! i'm watching ZombieLand!!!

I worry about you worrying about all of the above, get some rest kiddo :)