Worry Too Much

I worry so much.  I worry about worrying! 

I worry that what I am eating is not healthy.  I worry that I smoke too much.  I worry that I will never get better, etc etc...

What is worry?  Worry is just a bad mental habit.  One that I need to change.  




PiscesDream PiscesDream
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4 Responses May 20, 2007

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Great quote!!! Are you my twin or something??!!! it's freaky LOL , Jealousy, anger, worry, all wasted emotions i once heard. who WAS that person and what kind of bubble do they live in LOL

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow; it empties today of it's strength"

Lol! I hear ya!<br />
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I try to remind myself that worry is a very bad mental habit. Any habit can be changed. I also tell myself that I am free and at peace and everything is going to be ok.<br />
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Let me know if you have anything that works for you.<br />
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