His Dad Appears After 16years

my sons father has turned up after 16yrs of denial and i am worried that things aren't gonna b rosy!!i met up with him to see what his game was to find him in a bit of a state!we were never 2gether when we were 16 but we were best friends so i knew him on a closer basis!he has had a bad life and by the way he is talking he wants to make alot of things up!but also he wants to make a go of things with me!i'm not sure about this!he should b concentratin on my son really!there is alot more to the story but if i keep on writing i'll b in tears AGAIN!too much is goin already!i am scared for my son because although i see a glimmer of hope in my sons eyes,personally i see him on a path o destruction!he has befriended a lad who has half of our town(pretty nasty gang)after him!my son is 16 and has been a good lad keepin out of trouble but now i fear it will b a case of guilty by association and i am now panicking everytime he leaves the house!oh my so much is happenin and i can't take much more!xxx

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

My heart goes out to you. I worried so much about my son when he was a teenager, and I finally realized that I had to put my faith in God that my son would be okay. He got into some trouble with one of his friends that he grew up with when he was 16yrs. old. And after that he realized that he and his friend were growing apart and growing up. My son now is grown, working, and doing okay. His friend is serving time in prison. So just have faith that your son will realize that he needs to think about what is right for him, and all that you have taught him so far in his life, and I am sure that he will be fine. It doesn't matter how old our children get, we as mothers, are always going to worry. I will keep you and your son in my prayers. God Bless You both.

well if you just talk to your son and explain to him that you're vey worried ...im sure he'llunderstand and keep out of trouble. after all youre the one who was there for 16 years !