Just Graduating...

I am going to graduate college in June, and I am terrified that I will never find a job that I truly love. I have a degree in English with a minor in communications (journalism), but where does that take me? I am scared that I will be someone's assistant forever. I have no idea how to suceed in today's world, and I feel so lost. It seems like I will have a degree and no where to go with it.

Everyday I hear about how terrible the economy is and how people are losing their jobs left and right, and where does that leave me? With tens of thousands of dollars in school debt, health insurance that is about to run out, and bills that keep piling in? Not only do I just want a job that pays the bills (though that would be nice even just in its simplicity) but I really want to love what I do. I have watched my loved ones suffer through terrible jobs and careers, and how can I possibly avoid that?

I love to write. I love grammar. I love editing. But where do I go? How do I start? Who do I talk to? How do people do this??

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1 Response Apr 15, 2009

I feel much the same way. I have a BA in English with a minor in Philosophy. I love to take literature and stories and break them down and analyze them. I love reading and thinking. It really doesn't look like there are many options in the world for someone like me. I am seriously considering going back to school for a teaching licence at this point.