I Have A Trouble With My Personality.

I  have a trouble with my personality.

 I'm a shy girl but this personality bring me a lot of troubles. For example,I'm afraid of talking with strangers,even my relatives.

 I really want to change my personality and I'm trying but I still feel it's difficult for me. In fact,I'm active and outgoing among my ftriends.

why is it?What can I do to change it?



taylorshen taylorshen
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Well to tell you the truth I don't think you should feel ashamed or dissatisfied because you are shy. Not being able to talk to strangers is not only your survival instinct at work, we have all been indoctrinated since we were kids not to do it. I think you should get a part time job at a coffee shop or a retail store or restaurant where communicating with strangers is a key part of the job. Then you can apply the skills you pick up to other aspects of your life.