Lower Then Down

Their is a pain in heart that is to deep to forget. My feelings are so defeated and lower then down that breathing hurts.The only thing that has kept me alive has been hope. Today I saw hope turn into pain. Therefore my life now has become nothing but consistent pain and hurt. Past year has been the worst.... I felt I was really lower then down...but today to my amazement there is lower then that and that is where I stand. My soul is so hurt and wounded that it hurts when I breathe. I have done nothing to deserve all this pain yet those around me find it fit to wound me. I can no longe smile for even that has been destroyed. I no longer wear a mask or pretend. I am now just a broken woman that will remain broken as long as I exist. :( FML FML
diamondtears077 diamondtears077
31-35, F
May 8, 2012