Why Can't People Admit It?

I am so sick and tired of people telling me I am worth saving. I am not, I know I am not worth saving, because I know I would be happy and not suicidal if I had a regular sex life. Period, that is it nothing more nothing less. I am not worth it, I am decomposing garbage. All I want is to have a sex life. Mind you one I do not have to pay cash for... well directly pay cash for anyway. I know that I will never find a truly free venue of sex. However, my point is that if I had that I would not be suicidal.

Yet people continue to pretend like I am worth something. Like... I do not know I am more and better than that. I am so sick and tired of all the lies they tell themselves. One female, I spoke to online, said the fact that I have standards shows that I want more than just sex. No actually it shows that I want to be sexually attracted to the female I am having sex with. That is all it shows. Stop ******* pretending like I am better than that. I have never understood why people have to insist that I am better than this. They all come up with lies and more lies.

The other great lie is how shocked they are that I am single and struggle to get females. Bullshit, stop telling yourself these obvious lies. I guess it gives you good karma to not tell me the truth and to pretend like you want to build my self-esteem. However, just ******* stop, you all know the truth. Why do you have to lie to me. Though I will say that I enjoy the fearful look on their faces when I ask them why I am not having to fight the girls off me. The way they sweat and cower is amusing.

What is so hard about calling me human trash and asking me why I have not killed myself yet? Since when has humanity become so soft that it cannot identify the losers like me and tell us to die or kill us? I am so sick and tired of it all. People need to give up on me. They need to find every reason they can to kill me. If I could get someone to take care of my kitty I would kill myself in a heartbeat. Maybe when I kill myself I will hide in a dumpster. That way people do not have to waste their time hauling me to the trash.
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Nev er give up on yourself sex isn't the only thing in life so why have you allowed yourself to fixate on it. You sound so full of hate it hurts. You must know that sex wouldn't majically make everything better. There are many things in life to be happy about why do you insist on setting yourself up to be up set. You are woth somthing. You mean somthing to someone even if you don't realize it. You are not trash. This story upsetts me so that makes you worth somthing. I will never forget your tale for it is worth so mthing. It gives me knogledge and knowledge is worth somting. You are worth somthing.

I hate to break it to you but, sex is the only thing I need in my life. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy and happy. You say that sex will not magically make things better... well... it did once. Hell when I was having sex I accomplished a great deal more. Life was better and happy and good. When sex went away.. there was nothing left. I still limp along though. Maybe I will get sideswiped on my way to the gym ^_^. Need to think positive.

You need to let go of this the only reason why it's bothering you os because your obsessing.

hi buddy you're not trash and i'm not giving up on you i love you you'll find what you are looking for i don't have to sleep with you and you don't have to sleep with me to love each other i love you always you're my buddy i don't want you to die you're worth saving don't deny that you matter to me and i love you always whether you believe it or not you're important i love you

Thanks, but I am trash and that is all there is too it.

no sweetheart i love you you're not trash