Im Not Good Enough

do you ever get the feeling that your just not good enough??

well i do. alot! im not a good enough friend i see my friends like hardly ever i miss them soo much but i just dont try hard enough to stay connected.
im not good enough daughter i feel like a massive disappointment to my parents theres nothing about me they have to be proud of. i dont do anything wrong and i get on with them but i dont do anything of any meaning nothing that makes a difference to them.
im not good enough to be someones girlfriend i dont know exactly why but i wouldnt still be single if i was.

i feel almost like im just floating. just in the background not having an affect of anything or anyone.

okay so im on a bit of a downer anyway today but the feeling of worthlessness never realy leaves me.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

never feel bad and just act normally and im sure your friends would appear to your doorstep or just called and miss you too

You are full of self doubt honey belive in yourself. The fact that you care about making your partents proud shows how caring you really are. on the inside you are a beautiful person show it and may God help you through this.

Never give up on yourself