seriously? this is like the millionth night we have had this fight and nothing is getting any better. i get it you work and i dont. way to make me feel like **** about myself. and youre right i dont clean the house. why bother? even when i do you dont notice. why bother doing ******* anything? youd rather be playing a video game with your friends than notice me. seriously i walked around the house half naked all day and you didnt even look at me. so why the **** am i still here? because i love the way it used to be. **** me for wanting to be loved...
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I have the same thing but in an opposite context,she's the bread winner and I'm the one without a steady income.
So why do people that work sneer down to others or partner that don't have the opportunity?....because it's about social power,I work therefore I'm recognized,I have income therefore I can and am a consumer,my peers value my existence simply because I resemble them,I wake up in the morning with my day already full with work....I 'Do',therefore 'I am'.
Take all that away and usually that sneering attitude will evaporate and you'll find an empty carcass.

Head up and get rid of all that guilt,then 'Feel Real'.You are the gladiators that's fighting back,workers follow like docile sheep,buying stuff they'll never use,going places they'll never see,and being someone that they're not.

Stay in the light and don't let anyone cast their shadow on you,this way you'll notice yourself in the mirror and be the angel that you truly are!

Oh are in bad place on this one. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Look inside not out. Of course, judge him, but never allow him the power to determine your happiness. You control yourself. :)

i m sorry u feel that way,but when u tried a lot to make a relation stand up sometimes u loose ur self on it maybe u should try to talk to him not complain i mean a real talk do something new ,go out and buy some new hot underwear change how ur hair look and wear less make up and just be u,if he didn't notice so he is the loser,if he is good with u and respect u and don t physically abuse u so u lucky one just try more and sure everything gonna be OK