I Really Am

Its funny I was so happy to find EP I wanted to talk to someone so bad, but the thing is theres great ones on here and they all talk to you. And then they stop. And you feel like if I cant get some faceless person to give me time or you cant even get them to stay your "friend" and talk to you, you really get just how WORTHLESS you are.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

this is not true! people make themselves exhausted by depending too much on others! Open your eyes and see the real world! Calling yourself 'worthless' is just like killing yourself, is like betraying yourself.

Dont forget the fact that the life is precious and then, if you are breathing at this moment, you are worth above all!!

Dont make your future dull by being sad at this moment. Live your life at its fullest!

No one is worthless. Start thinking!