I Am Happy To Have Found This Group!

If you look on the Internet you will find countless books about self-help, relationships, self-improvement, "how to be a better person to get the one you're after", ad nauseam.

Within each of us, at our cores, is what makes all of us worthy. All those books are about changing yourself to suit a particular breed of person.

There is not enough literature out there about being the best you can be for yourself.

And that is why many of us strive to find that person who will love us as we are... all the while being told we need to change; we need to do this, and that differently; we need to adapt to the other; to bend to their will so they will bend to ours.

Is every human being so inflexible???

How about... just being worthy.

How about... believing that the one wee seek, who will love us as we are, is out there.

How about ... believing yourself worthy of finding that person, and gaining their love, and loving them hopefully as we wish we'd be loved.

It saddens me that so much of this is being tossed aside for the sake of what? Being perfect? Being interesting 24 hours a day? A chase?

Oh, there is so much contradiction. Without the chase, there is no fire. Without fire, there is no connection. But fire burns out if it is not maintained, and we must learn the skills to keep it bright and hot. No I am not talking about the bed aspect.

Love is a game of balance and we so often fall out of balance that we all need something to fall back upon. And gaining the equal measure is so, so difficult.

Perhaps that is why I have not yet found My Own. I have not known where to bend his way, I have not met one willing to bend for me in return.

And so I go from possibility to possibility without finding solace.

But I am worthy, so in time, he should find me, and make his case, and I will make mine, and perhaps that way, we can be happy together; in the meantime, I will be happy alone, although it is so tremendously more difficult without the salt of love to enhance Life's flavors.

InvertedHeadHeart InvertedHeadHeart
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010