Atleast I was in middle school
When I was growing up I was bullied a lot (not physically because I was tall for my age) but I am too nice and I was too full of pride to go tell a teacher but every year at the end of school my inner rage leaks out every now and then and I have so much adrenalin it feels like I have so much power when it happens and I realized why I got bullied so much
When I was really young I have a skin condition that turns the skin red when heated (not like normal but it hives up) but when I get mad the heat in my body will trigger the red marks on my body (looks like red vines on me) and the marks radiated heat and I think people just wanted to see it so they kept pushing me till I burst and every year some leaks out and I end up hurting someone with atleast one adrenalin filled punch or shove (once someone messed with me I shoved him up a wall with one hand thank to the adrenalin making me stronger) but on the last year of middle school someone REALLY wanted to see it happen so he hit me on the back of my head which just triggered soooo much Wrath my entire body was covered in deep red scar looking marks a few bloodvessels popped so my eyes where red my throat became dry and scratchy it sounded creepy (demonic almost) it took around ten people to hold me back a few had to let go because they said my skin was getting too hot almost like a furnace and when I started to calm down they let go and then I slapped a table (it normally takes around 2 people to move them) and it slid across the floor (no wheels) and I hit a metal pole which caused a dent and during the moment it felt like all those years of holding in the rage and anger all the pain through out the years just pored all over my body. I could feel all the pain and suffering that I held for 6 years all came out all at once. Felt like hell but I had SO much power I couldn't control it
But now I try to stop that from happening again from meditation but I think some people are just afraid of me (atleast the ones who witnessed it) people who haven't seen it would never believe it ever happen because I'm so nice
I don't like my past but I just have to get that out of my chest
BTW After awhile I was able to learn to control my body temperature and now I can control the marks (but they dont give me adrenalin because I'm not mad they just heat up)
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And thank to that I never need a jacket as well so it can be handy