Looking For A Close Knit Small Group Of Writers To Critique Each Other

I am writing a novel and already have one sent to a publisher.I would like to have a small group,idealy 5 people to motivate and be critical of each others work.Its simple if you see a flaw with it then a publisher deffinately will.So I dont want people who are too afraid of hurting feelings or getting theirs hurt.The reason I need a focus group of five is because we dont want to be unindated with each others writng so much that we dont have time to write our own stuff.I am looking for seriouse writers who have at least 30,000 words started.I want us to be able to give each other 2,000 fresh words a day.That means you are committing to writing 2000 per day and reading 8,000 a day.Not so much to ask.A good acceptable novel has 100,000 words.If you begin to fall short on a regular basis the rest of the group will begin to look for some one else to take your place.As I said,this is for seriouse writers who truly want to get published.When your book is complete I will give you a list of publishers who are accepting unsolicited work as well as a sample query letter to help you get into the publishers viewing pile rather than the dreaded "SLUSH PILE".So let me know if youre interested and give me a sample of your work,how many words you have,and why you'd like to be part of us.We can connect via facebook and I can create the group on there or just regular e-mail.We'll do a vote when everyone has been selected.Thanks and good luck,Holly

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I would try a place I use called critiquecircle.com

I have been a member for several years and just recently upgraded to a paid membership in order to utilize more of the features available on the site.

I would join you. I think I too have something nobody else has.<br />
I have the start but I can't seem to feel the words come through. <br />
I don't think we should have the group in EP. It's too open for anyone to see and take as their own. <br />
Mine is paranormal. A dead child was found by a police officer and the ghost of this child wants this officer to help her find her parents. To learn why they abandoned her. I need help in the search of other ghosts to seek out the answers that police draw a dead end on.

Without reading all you wrote above, might I point one thing out? You really should space after a punctuation. If writing in Microsoft Word, you will be getting pop-ups concerning punctuation, misspells and and Improper sentences. <br />
I made the mistake of sending my book to Publish America. Then when it came time to purchase my rights back it was to much. I couldn't afford it. <br />
The fact they own the rights prohibits me from offering to another publisher. It was a children's story. About a horse and a very shy young girl.<br />
But they publish your book for free and you receive one copy no charge.

Hi Holly,<br />
<br />
Don't think I can keep up with another group. Keep your standards high and it will work. Peace!