" I Swear I Have It All Up Here"

I am writing a book.  I have about 20 in my head.  I have started this particular book so many times that I am embarrassed to say. I have had writers block for about a year now since a messy break-up with a wonderful lover. I am now looking for inspiration in every thing I encounter. I am writing today for sure. I will write even if its just one page today.  I am in my zone for creativity and it will flow.


Peace yall!

lotusqueen1967 lotusqueen1967
3 Responses Feb 7, 2008

When you want to do it well, writing is one of the hardest thing that a person can do. There are so many things that must be controlled and so many that need to stay free...It's a war in which you're both the enemy and the comrade. And that's just to say that I understand how you feel :)

I had a terrible writers block and almost gave up entirely because I was trying to hard to write. Only to find a simple solution, when I wasn't even really trying. Usually the simplest things get your creative juices going.

i know a childrens author that edits and rewrites her books at least 60 times, its coompletely normal. and good on you!