My Interwoven Stories

I am working on a stand-alone YA fantasy book right now, but between working on this one, I am plotting my next project - a four-book series. The stand-alone is about a girl whose family is suffering because of her twin brother's death. Her grandmother, who also lost a twin, gives her a strange book that transports the girl to a garden in another world. From there she learns that her brother may be wandering this world, and she sets out in quest of him, also making friends such as talking animals, and avoiding witches and goblins.

The series is about a girl who discovers a gate to other worlds in the desert town she returns to after many years. She is dealing with a creepy stepfather, a well-meaning religious mom, and strange new powers that manifested themselves after her birthday. In the first book, she finds out about the ancient race of creators that were nearly destroyed by an evil sorcerer. This enemy almost uses the gate to set free an evil creature. In the second book, Adah and her friends search for the Great Book that is the source of the magic language and spells that she uses. In the third book, Adah's father shows up with a team who patrol the worlds, and they must rescue the last guardian of the gate. In the fourth book, Adah is persued by the Enemy and his demon lord through various worlds until they finally face each other - Adah with newly discovered but dangerous abilities.

I would love to talk to someone about writing in general, or writing fantasy in particular. I am hoping to get some of my short stories published while I work on these projects. We'll see!
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Jul 23, 2011