I am writing a book called "Experiments" I have been working on it for awhile now. It is a science fiction book. This is what it's about. In the year 2020 the world is very diffrent. Canada has been taken over and the USA is putting military patrols on the boarder to prtoect the country from the terrorists. While on a boarder patrol deep in the forests of Washington two soldiers Cade and John find a young girl injured and abandonded. They soon discover she is an Experiment from a scientific lab hidden deep in the forest by the government. Her and many others were taken at birth by the government to be in crossbreeding experiments. The scientists treated them like animals. Now that they have escaped some are out for revenge. Now it is up to John, Cade, and the other experiments to save the scientists and possibly America.
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Interesting title.


Sounds really interesting, I hope I can read it one day

Me too