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Last June 2007, while living on a ranch in South Texas, I witnessed a 15 year old girl being dragged behind a moving van. She was attending a girl's teen boot camp out of San Antonio, Texas. The trial ended in a mistrial. My book, WEST JESUS, starts with the crime and goes into life at the ranch as a prison after care facility, which I founded. This story was on Good Morning America, as well as all the national news media. I need an agent. ANY HELP???? Thank You Bobbie Greer

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GOOGLE "AAR literary agents". On the AAR (Association of Authors' Representatives) site you will find a list of agents. Many of whom will state what their requirements are for new clients and whether or not they are accepting them. <br />
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Follow their (AAR literary agents) guidelines and look at their websites. I actually read a blog of one agent and she specifically was looking for a book like yours. I don't recall her name (I looked up a lot), but she should be fairly easy for you to locate.<br />
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Also, don't believe the hype - agents do and will take writers who have not been published. Best of luck!

And so you run up against the "Agent Conundrum." No agent will take someone who hasn't already been published, but getting published requires an agent...

This is shocking . . I am from Austin . . . was this part of a teen behavioral modification camp, or what? I would be interested in more details.