Selling A Children's Book...apparently Difficult

A few years ago, I have created a character for children (and for adults, depending on the project), one who would motivate them to not only exercise and healthy eating, but to engage in teamwork and fair play. Thought it would be ideal as a mascot for certain organizations like, for example, Smokey the Bear for the United States Forest Service.

For the next 3 years, I worked with a guy who was with a media marketing firm. As I had no money for marketing, it was agreed to provide my skills as a graphic designer for his projects in turn for his marketing work pro-Bono. As it turned out, my work for his projects far outweighed his part in contacts and possible endorsements with the character. In short, my time and skills was practically wasted.

So I had decided to work on my own and create a coloring book with the character and sell it online on my business website. I even managed to save up some money and utilize a local marketer to set up a press release to the papers and news stations. Unfortunately, a few days after the release went out, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan was all over the news. Talk about your bad timing.

So now I'm using the social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote the book. Getting several "likes" and "retweets", but no sales of any kind, despite my re-posting every now and then.

I really think kids would benefit a great deal from the book and over time the character would become popular enough to inspire them to exercise, eat right (to a certain extent), and for the most part, play and just be kids.

Not sure what else to try.
Renaissance68 Renaissance68
41-45, M
Jun 5, 2012