"please Don't Leave Me."

"You're bleeding." he pointed out the same second I felt the blood trickle out from under my hair.
"Please don't leave me." I said automatically, remembering the blood ... Luke ... The Nights ... Cedric ... gone forever.
"Why would I leave you?" Peter asked as he took off his shirt to wipe the blood on my bleeding head. It made his hear look kind of weird, like a mane.
"No reason." I looked up at him. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" I didn't even realize what I was saying.
"You got brain damage? How hard did you hit your head?" Peter joked, but the way his eyes twinkled even more than usual I could tell he was flattered.
"Really hard." I joked with him. I paused and stood up. "I want to go again."
Peter jumped up and stuck out his arms to shield me from the quads. "NO! You could have died! Are you insane? Maybe in a few days."
But I had to go again. Didn't he understand? But of course not. He didn't understand that this was the only way. The only way to hear Cedric again, so clear ... it was the only way unless I wanted to be stupid, and do what Evan and his cult do for fun.
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Jun 13, 2012