Ultimate Desire-Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Waiting For Marriage
"Somehow I feel as if this is wrong," Alexandra whispered to James as he made love to her. "I'm getting married in one month. To a man who is not you."
"Alexandra, how do I make you feel?" James asked her.
"Wonderful," she admitted. "But I'm a princess, and there's more to life than this."
He thrusted into her harder, and she moaned.
"Oh, James!"
"Just enjoy the time we have left together," he murmured as he sucked her breasts tenderly.
"You're right," she sighed. "I love you, James."
"I love you, too, Alexandra, and I'm in love with you. I wish I was a prince so I could marry you," he mused as she came.
He came next, and he cried out in pleasure.
"Yes, my love," she murmured as he withdrew from her and removed the condom.
"Promise me something, baby. Please tell me that as long as I am alive, you won't fall in love with Arthur Cavanum," James pleaded with her.
"I could never fall for another man. You promise me you'll never make love to anyone but me."
"Only if you marry me can I promise you that, my love. I have needs. Besides, you'll be with Arthur and since you'll be his wife you'll have to see to his needs," James said resentfully.
"Who will you make love to once I am married?" She asked in horror.
"Perhaps I will marry someone as well," he whispered.
"I wish we could get married," Alexandra said quietly.
"Alexandra, all we have to do is write a letter to the Cavanum family telling them that you are marrying me."
"But my marrying Arthur will be beneficial for Ki and Sea."
"I think you want to marry him because of how he looks," James said, his green eyes flashing, as his jealousy enraged him.
"You look sexier than him," Alexandra said, stroking his cheek with her hand.
"Thanks," he said with a smile, his anger gone.
"I must go to my own room. It wouldn't do well for anyone to know that I spent the night here."
"I wish I could proclaim my love for you to all of Sikan," he murmured as he kissed her once more.
"Perhaps we could continue this relationship in secret after I am married," she mused, touched by his words.
"Not when you belong to him," James said. "That would be adultery. I won't let you do that to your marriage."
"I shall miss you dearly," Alexandra said solemnly.
"I pray that something stops the ceremony," James said softly.
"Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll give me a reason not to marry him," Alexandra whispered. "For now, my love, I must go."
They shared one more kiss, and then Alexandra left his room.
Arthur awoke from a nightmare, drenched in sweat.
"No," he whispered. "It wasn't real."
In his nightmare, Janet had interupted his wedding by saying that she was pregnant.
"Is it possible?" He asked himself.
He suddenly remembered that he hadn't used protection with Janet.
"Oh my gosh!" Art exclaimed. "It is possible. No, it can't be."
Looking back, he thought that he should have used a condom, but he'd been in such a rush to take her to bed that it had completely slipped his mind. His parents had explained to him years ago about sex and consequences of the said subject. Art had thought he wouldn't have sex until he was married, but now that he had experienced pleasures of the flesh with two different women, he thought that he might like to enjoy being single for a little longer. But marrying Princess Alexandra was the key to uniting the kingdoms, and surely she could make him as satisfied as Grace and Janet had. He reckoned to himself that he'd have to stop just thinking of pleasure. There was more to life than just sex.
A knock interupted his thoughts. Art got out of bed and went to the door. He didn't know who was at the door, but he was sure that it wasn't Ruran.
Art opened the door slowly, and found Grace standing on the other side of it.

"Can I tell you something first?" Ruran asked in a shy, yet determined voice.

"Yes, but make it quick," Henri said.

"Is it considered suicide if someone pushed her?" Ruran asked all three of them.

"Murder!" Arthur said, aghast. "Ruran, could you describe the person you saw push her?"

"It was a girl with dark hair. She was short, and she had blue eyes."

"Janet Diamond fits that description," Art muttered scornfully, angry at the girl for taking Grace away from him. "Will you testify against her, Ruran?"

"Yes," Ruran answered his brother. "Of course I will. Whatever you need, Arthur."

"I'm riding to Sea," Art announced. "I'll get one of the Ki officers to go with me."

He rode into town and stopped at the jail on the western side of Ki. He dismounted and entered the jail. He walked into the building and up to an officer behind a counter.

"There has been a murder in Ki, and we have a witness. Her body is at Crescent Hill."

"Your name?" The man asked without looking up.

"Arthur Cavanum."

"Oh!" The officer said, looking up. "Prince Arthur."

"I see you recognize the importance. I need to catch a ride to Sea, so we can arrest the suspect."

"Of course. I shall get our finest inter-region officer," he said.

"Thank you."

Art waited while the man made a phone call. A minute later, a burly officer walked up to him.

"Prince Cavanum, it's an honor," he said, bowing to him. "I am officer Johansen. I will drive you to Sea."

"Thanks. Can you have someone see to my horse?" He asked the man behind the counter.

"Of course," he said.

Officer Johansen drove Art to Sea. When they arrived at Diamond Castle, Art requested an audience with Janet. The officer and Art waited for her in the dining hall, while a maid fetched her. She entered a few minutes later.

"Arthur!" Janet exclaimed when she entered the dining hall.

"Arrest her," Art said angrily. "For the murder of Grace Elderberry.

Officer Johansen told Janet her rights as he placed handcuffs on her wrists.

"You'll regret this, Art," Janet said theatrically. "My parents will pay my bail."

"If I have it my way, you'll rot in a cell in Sea for the rest of your life."

Art went with the officer to the Sea jail. Janet's court date was set for the next day.

"My brother will testify against you," Art informed her.

"You will rue this day, Arthur Cavanum," she said hatefully.

Officer Johansen drove Art back to Ki, and escorted him back to Crescent Hill, as he rode his horse. There was crime scene tape around the north side of the castle, it's bright yellow color indicating that something bad had happened.

Arthur asked to see the body. They unzipped the bag, and as he looked at her face, tears formed in his eyes.

He went to his room and stayed there for two day. His brother came in to tell him that Janet was sentenced to life in jail. He didn't eat or sleep during this time.

Once his mourning was done, he went down to the dining hall and ate from the leftovers of supper. He ate a large steak, mashed potatoes and milk gravy, whole kernol corn, and two buttered whole-wheat rolls. He ate ravenously, finally getting nourishment after two days of not eating.

His father entered the dining hall, and saw him eating.

"The wedding is in three weeks, son," his father told him. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," he answered.

"And you're over Grace?" Henri asked.

"Yes. I can marry Alexandra with a clean slate...well, except for Janet."

"Janet Diamond?"

"Yes. I think she may be pregnant."

"With your child?"

"Yes," Art admitted. "But she'll stay in jail, right?"





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