My Best Friend's Love-Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Dessert
I parked in my driveway. Ashley picked up her laptop. I got out of the cruiser and got Ashley's wheelchair out of the trunk. I opened her door and helped her into it. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I got her duffle out of the backseat and slung it over my shoulder.
We go inside and I locked the door. I push her into my kitchen. I put her bag on the floor. Out of the drawer I grab two spoons. I get two bowls from the cabinet.
"Chocolate or vanilla?" I asked her.
"Vanilla is my favorite," she replied.
"Mine, too," I murmured.
I got the icecream out of the freezer, and made us both a bowl of vanilla.
"Thanks, Riley," she said as I sat at the table.
She put her laptop on the table and placed the bowl in her lap. We ate in silence. When we were done, and everything was clean and put away, I wheeled her into my bedroom.
"Can you insert the catheter?" I asked her.
"Yeah," she replied. "I know how, have for awhile, since I saw a video online."
"Good. I'll get the bedpan," I told her.
I walked to the bathroom, got the bedpan, and returned to my room. I got one of the catheters out of my dresser and gave it to her.
"Can I ask you something?" I inquired.
"Yes," she said quietly.
"How do you bathe?"
"I generally take a washoff," she replied.
"Oh. Perhaps when we become closer, you'll let me give you a sponge bath," I said softly.
"Perhaps," she said shyly.
"How I wish you could walk again, baby," I told her gently.
"You and me both," she whispered, then, so quietly that I could barely hear her, she said, "Can I tell you something?"
I sat on the bed and took her hands in my own.
"You can tell me anything, Ashley," I said softly.
"Julie Cohen's men, and Brit, they never kissed me," she whispered, smiling.
"Well, that may be true, but I'll never be able to be your first," I said sadly, and her smile faded.
"One day, if I ever get the use of my legs back, and if I ever get over what happened to me, I will make you mine, and I will consider you my first. I just don't know if I'll be your first. While I was in a coma, did you ever hook up with anyone?"
"No," I replied, looking deep into her eyes. "Though I did stop Julie Cohen from killing you. She had a knife over your heart. I also had a vision of where you lived when the men paralyzed you, among other things. That's how the police knew what house you lived in."
"I could've died," she whispered. "Twice, and you saved me."
She leaned forward to embrace me. I smiled into her hair.
She looked at me with a serious look on her face.
"Are you in love with me, Riley?" She asked me as she stared at me.
"Yes," I answered in a hushed whisper. "Though I don't see how I can help that. You aren't in love with me."
I was still whispering, and when she contradicted me, I was ready to kiss her.
"Don't be so sure," she said with a very sexy smile.
"You love me?" I asked her, my heart pounding by the very thought.
"I believe I do. Did you know I looked at your pictures everyday? Stared at, really," she said softly. "Brit never caught me at it, 'cause I always pretended I was studying."
"I dreamed about you every night you were in the coma," I confessed. "Had some very erotic ones about you and me."
She smiled at that, and I had to smile in return.
"Was I any good at turning you on in those dreams?" She wondered aloud.
"Yes, you were," I admitted. "Of course the mere sight of your lips turns me on."
"Do you want to kiss me, Riley?" She asked me sweetly.
"Only if you want me to," was my answer.
"I want you to," she murmured.
"Okay," I said softly, and I was smiling as I leaned forward.
I enveloped her in my arms and kissed her lightly on the lips. What I wasn't prepared for was her response to my kiss. She put her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. I matched her intensity with my own, which caused her to become even more passionate. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me even closer. I moaned into her sweet mouth. Our kiss lasted for almost fifteen minutes. I became so hard that I had to undo my jeans.
She noticed that, and stopped. I tried to calm myself down, but nothing I thought of worked. The effect she was having on me!
"Are you turned on, Riley?" She asked me heatedly.
The way she said my name somehow made me harder.
"Yes, but I don't see what I can do about that," I muttered, irritated, as I looked away from her.

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