Ki's Blood-Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Feeding The Youngling
"Do you want me to leave?" Rion asked Cara.
"No, darling," Cara replied lovingly. "You live with me now."
She sounded possessive, and Rion liked that.
"Works for me, baby," Rion said as he kissed her. "You are a youngling now. Are you ready for your second feeding?"
"What's a youngling?" Cara asked curiously.
"A young vampire. Do you want to feed on me again, or would you like to go hunting?"
"Rion, I don't want to hunt humans, and I don't want you hunting them either."
"I can agree with that. Do you want to go to the Dark Forest with me? We'll hunt some elk. Would you like that?"
"Yes. Just as long as we're not hunting humans. I refuse to be a killer," she said gently.
They get dressed and leave the house. They run all the way to the Dark Forest, with Rion guiding Cara. She did like that he ran beside her. To her it was like he was acknowledging that they were equals. She told him so.
"We are equals, my love," Rion said, taking her hand.
They were walking now. It took them about fifteen minutes, but they soon came upon two deer grazing near the heart of the forest.
"You take the female," Rion whispered. "The male is mine."
Her vampiric instincts took over, and she jumped across the space and caught the deer about the neck with her hands. Before it could struggle, she broke the female's neck. She bit into the shoulder and started to feed. When she was done, she found Rion feeding off of the male. While she waited for him to finish, she looked around the forest.
It was past sunset, but there was still enough light for her to make out shapes. She saw a young deer not fifteen feet away. Immediately she felt guilt at what they had just done. Then she reasoned with herself that it was now in her nature to kill. She didn't want the baby deer to suffer without it's parents. So, while Rion fed on the big male, she killed the young doe and drank it's blood. With this kill fresh in her mind, she felt no guilt.
This was how the world was, she thought. Prey vs. predator. Rion joined her and they ran back to their house.
When they arrived, she asked him if he would like to play a game of pool. He agreed, and they walked down the stairs that led to the ba
Cara beat him in the first game, and he won the second. Rather than engaging in a tiebreaker, they decided to kiss. A knock from the front door makes them stop.
"A family member?" Rion wondered aloud.
"All my family lives in Zu," she replied, referring to the land that was east of Ki.
"Do you mind if I open the door?" Rion asked her cautiously as they walked back up the stairs.
"Sure, honey, go ahead," she answered.
They walked up to the front door and Cara immediately stepped behind Rion. He opened the door slowly, and held it a few inches, just like Cara had done when he first arrived.
When he ascertained that there was no danger, he opened the door wider. Cara peered over his shoulder anxiously, but saw no one. Confused, she looked to Rion.
He was looking down, so she followed his gaze. What she saw on her porch didn't shock her, it just simply made her curious.

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