Ki's Blood-Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Traveling
To appear normal, they bought horses in Ki's eastern region.
Rion had a backpack on that contained a tent. Two sleeping bags were tied to his horse's saddle.
Cara had a backpack filled with food and bottles of water.
There was seven miles between them and Zu. As they rode, Rion taught her all he knew about being a vampire.
"So, the real key to blending in is to not use your vampiric speed. I know you think using it is easier, but if you want to appear to be normal, then you need to practice moving slowly until it becomes second nature to you."
"Okay," Cara agreed. "Move slowly."
"Another thing to remember is that we, as vampires, are so much stronger than humans. So make sure you never let your real strength show. And even though we have endless amounts of stamina, you must sometimes act as if you are tired. I don't think we'll be hurt by anything or anyone as long as we're together."
"Rion," she said quietly. "I was already hurt. I think the note that was with the necklace...honey, I think it was a message."
"A message for who?"
"For me," she said softly.
"Cara, do you have any enemies?" He asked her.
"Before you, I didn't even have friends," she admitted. "But I did have-"
"Is there anyone who ever expressed a desire to hurt you?" he interrupted her.
"Well," she said. "My first boyfriend was a warlock. I broke up with him four years ago."
"Why?" He asked curiously.
"Because I didn't want to be involved with someone who uses magic. I told him that was the reason, and he said he was going to Cu," she said, referring to the city south of Ki. "I never saw him again after that."
"Do you know where he lives?" Rion asked her.
"No," she replied. "I don't even know if he went to live in Cu. Do you think he left me the necklace?"
"Does anyone else know where you live?" Rion inquired.
"No. Only he knows...but I haven't seen him since the breakup."
"How angry was he when you broke up with him?"
Cara didn't answer at first. Rion wondered why. He pulled the reins on his horse, making it stop. She copied him.
"Cara, answer me, darling," he said, grabbing her hand.
"He broke my left arm," she whispered, and her eyes filled with tears. "And then he kissed me without my permission. Then, he said he should...rape me, but that I wasn't worth his time. He also said..."
She couldn't continue, so Rion dismounted, tied their horses to the nearest tree, and pulled her off her horse and held her tightly in his arms.
"Cara," he said angrily, though not angry at her, but at the man who had hurt her. "Tell me what he said."
"He said he'd kill me someday," she muttered spitefully.
She was still crying. Rion wiped her tears away, and held onto her tighter.
"I'll destroy anyone who even thinks about hurting you," Rion promised fiercely.
"Thank you, Rion," Cara said. "Now that we are equals, I will protect you as well."
"We'll camp here tonight," he said matter-of-factly.
"Rion, do we still eat food and drink water?" Cara asked curiously, wondering why he'd insisted they bring the water and food in the first place.
"Yes. It helps us not want blood as often," he replied.
Rion set up the tent as Cara started a fire with the matches she had brought.
He watched her carefully as she took off her jacket. She was setting it on the ground about a foot from the fire. He removed his own jacket, and sat opposite her. After Rion warmed up, he set up their sleeping bags inside of the tent. Cara joined him. With their enhanced sight, they could see each other clearly, as if it were daylight, and not pitch dark.
They talked for awhile, then fell asleep holding hands.
The next morning they got up and ate some cheese and crackers. The cheese came from a can.
After their breakfast, they packed up the tent and sleeping bags and let the horses graze awhile before mounting them.
They rode the remaining three miles in silence, occasionally looking at each other, but mainly keeping their eyes on the dirt trail.
Rion and Cara stopped once, at the Red River, to let the horses drink, then continued on.
The two young vampires arrived in Zu before noon. They took the horses to a farm Cara knew of and sold the horses for two-hundred dollars each.
When they got to Cara's parents' house, the first thing they noticed was that there was a note tacked on the door, and the door was halfway open. Being vampires, they both noticed that a strong stench that smelled just like blood was coming from inside the house.
Cara tore the note from the door anxiously and read it aloud.
"You're next, Cara Lockhart."
Rion took her arm and tried to lead her away from the house. He was strong, but as a fresh youngling, Cara was stronger.
"Let me go, Rion," she said fiercely.
He didn't so she simply jerked away from him, and entered the house, pushing the door open with her elbow.
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