Ki's Blood-Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Tragedy
Cara screamed for a fraction of a second as she looked up before Rion's hand covered her mouth.
"You don't want to attract attention to us," he hissed. "And don't touch anything."
Rion followed Cara's gaze and looked up at the banister of the stairs. Tied to the stairs and hanging upside-down were three humans, two adults and one male child. They were covered in blood and clearly dead.
"That's my parents and younger brother," Cara informed Rion, her voice breaking.
"I'd bet everything I own on the fact that your ex-boyfriend did this," he said angrily. "We need to return to Ki now, before anyone else finds this."
"Shouldn't we call the police?" Cara asked, reaching for her brother.
"No," Rion said, catching her arms and pulling her from the house.
"But we didn't do anything," Cara said, confused by his logic.
"Cara, if we stick around, they'll think we did it. Now let's go," he roughly.

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