Ki's Blood-Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Returning Home
They left Zu, and when they had passed the Red River, Rion broke out in a sprint. Cara kept pace with him, and they ran all the way to the Ki Hotel.
Rion got his few belongings from his room, and packed a duffle full of clothes.
They ran home, through the woods.
Cara opened the door with the key she withdrew from her pocket. They entered the house, and after shutting and locking the door, went into the kitchen. Cara looked down, and saw the necklace Rion had bit in half. She threw it away in the wastebasket then went upstairs to their bedroom. Rion followed.
Cara sat on the bed, and let torment and anguish of losing her family wash over her. She would never be reprimanded again by her father. Her mother would never give her advice ever again. She'd never hear her brother's sweet laugh as he listened to her jokes. Cara began to sob, and Rion was there, holding her, letting her cry on his shoulder. She clung to him desperately, letting his strength help her.
"We have to find him," she said miserably, but angrily at the same time, as she dried her tears away.
"What's his name?" Rion asked her, curious.
"His name is Brice Lazor," Cara answered. "Rion, the thing is, before he told me he was a warlock, I was in love with him."
"You don't still love him, do you?" He asked slowly, carefully.
"No, Rion, of course not. I'm in love with you."
"I'm in love with you, too," he said, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Do you remember what he smelled like? That might help us find him faster."
"Yes," Cara whispered. "He always smelled like blue roses."
"That's what your handbag smelled like," Rion said in a rush. "Was your handbag stolen?"
"Yes, but by a woman," Cara replied. "She had blonde hair and blue eyes."
"It sounds like Brice has a new girlfriend," Rion said methodically. "We'll search the town for him tomorrow. If we don't find him here, we'll head South to Cu."
"What will we do once we find him?" Cara asked, worried about confronting her ex.
"We'll destroy him," Rion said quietly. "And then we'll kill his girlfriend."
"Do you think she's magical? He told me once that he planned to put a spell on me to turn me into a witch."
"More than likely he's done that spell on her," Rion ascertained. "But magic or no magic, no warlock or witch is a match for us vampires."
"You sound so confident, Rion," Cara murmured. "Are you sure we can destroy him?"
"We'll rip him in pieces and burn him until he's nothing but dust and ashes...then we'll do the same to Ms. Brice."
"Rion, I wish to forget our problems for a few hours. Will you distract me, please?" She begged him.
"Yes," Rion said seductively. "I shall distract you very much for the next few hours. Let's test our stamina, and see how many different positions we can do."
Cara smiled, glad that he understood what she meant. His distracting her worked. She forget everything but pleasing him and being pleased in return. After several hours of lovemaking, they fell asleep, both of them truly exhausted.

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