Ki's Blood-Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Searching For The Enemy
In the morning they left the house at around eight a.m. Their plan was to knock on every shop, house, or other building and ask whoever they came in contact with if they knew of Brice, and if possible, find out exactly where he lived.
"Maybe we'll find his girlfriend and she can lead us to him," Cara said hopefully.
"Promise me you'll be careful," Rion said as they headed into a weapons shop called 'Axes, Swords, and Guns.'
"I promise," Cara said softly.
As he held the door of the shop open for her, he said, "Promise me you'll run away if I tell you."
They enter the shop.
"I said I would protect you, too, Rion. You cannot ask me to run if you're in danger. Do you want us to buy some weapons?"
"I think we'll buy you a nice blade...a small one with an ankle strap. And I'd like an axe," he said with anticipation.
They search the shop. Rion finds an axe with a curve on it, and Cara finds a small knife that she could strap to her ankle. The axe costs fifty dollars, and the knife costs twenty-five. They purchase both. Before they leave the shop, Rion approached the owner at the counter.
"Do you know a man by the name of Brice Lazor?" Rion inquired casually. "He's a friend of ours and we haven't seen him in awhile."
The man looked instantly suspicious.
"Why do you want to find him?"
"Like my man here told you," Cara said. "He's a friend of ours. Do you know where he lives?"
"No...but, I do know something for the right price," the man said slowly.
Rion offers the man fifty dollars. He appears satisfied with that amount, and takes it.
He opens his cash register and puts the money in. Right before it closed, Cara watched Rion use his vampiric speed to grab a fistful of bills. So quick that only she notices, he hands them to her and she quickly puts the money in her handbag. Their movements are so fast, the man doesn't even realize that money is missing, but he has a smug smile on his face.
Cara looked at the man eagerly. Perhaps, she thought, it would be easy to find her ex.
"Okay," Rion said. "Tell us what you know."
The man searched for something in a filing cabinet to the left of the cash register. He withdrew a copy of a gun permit. Rion checked the signature, and showed it to Cara. She saw that it not only matched the handwriting of the note that had come with the necklace, but that it was identical to the sc
ript of the note that was left on her parents' door. Here was the proof that they needed. Brice had cursed her with the necklace, and he had killed her family.
"What sort of gun did he buy?" Cara asked the shop owner.
"A semi-automatic handgun," the man told them.
"Do you know where he lives?" Rion asked.
"No. All I know is he came in here last week and purchased this gun," the man said, showing them a picture of the gun in question.
"Thanks for telling us what you know," Rion said formally.
Cara and Rion left the shop. He puts the axe over his back and she ties the knife to her left ankle.
They walk past a few more places. When Cara stops, Rion looks to her. They are in front of a building called "The Palace."
"What?" He asks.
"Do you smell that?" Cara said excitedly.
Rion sniffed the air. A familiar smell hits him.
"Blue roses," he murmured. "Do you think it's Brice?"
"It could be him or his girlfriend. Either way, Rion, we need to be careful. They are both magical, more than likely."
"Agreed. Let's go," he said quietly.
They entered "The Palace" and found it to be a bar. They follow the source of the scent and find a young woman. She matches Cara's desc
ription of who had taken her handbag.
Rion whispered in Cara's ear.
"Is that her?"
"Yes," Cara replied, keeping her eyes on the young woman.
"Do you know where Brice Lazor lives?" Rion asked the woman.
"Yes," she answered in a soft, melodious voice, as she looked Rion over.
"Could you take us there?" Cara asked in a clipped tone.
"Why?" The woman inquired, not liking how she'd asked that, and she didn't look away from Rion.
"He's an old friend and I haven't seen him in awhile," Rion said, keeping with the story he'd told the weapons owner.
"What's your name?" The woman asked curiously, looking him up and down.
Cara looked like she might hit her, but Rion told her to remain calm.
"My name is Rion Valentine."
The woman looked to Cara for the first time, and she gasped.
"I know who you are. Cara Lockhart, right? Brice had me steal your handbag."
"Are you going to take us there or not?" Cara asked impatiently.
"Sure, why not?" The woman said, smiling. "He told me to find you. You just made my job a hell of a lot easier."
She called the waitress, paid the bill for her drink, got the change, then led them outside.
"Follow me," the woman said.
She headed west, and Rion and Cara walk closely behind her. She led them to a place Cara had once stayed at before she'd bought her house, The Ki Hotel, which was where Rion worked.
The three of them entered the hotel and the woman led them to the elevators. They got in and she hit button number four. The elevator went up, and when it stopped, they exited it. She leads them down a hallway and she opened a door marked "417."
"Brice?" She called. "Are you here?"
No answer comes, so she invites them inside.
"You can wait for him. He should be back soon," the woman said.
"What's your name?" Cara asked her.
"Kari Lazor."
"Oh," Cara murmured. "I didn't realize Brice had married."
"We're not married," Kari said sadly. "I just like to tack his last name as my own."
She left the room and when she returned she was carrying four lengths of rope.
"You see," Kari said. "I don't trust either one of you. Nor do I believe that you, Rion Valentine, despite how good you may look, are a friend of Brice's."
"What do you plan to do with those?" Cara growled, not liking how Kari was making comments about Rion's looks.
"Tie you up, of course," Kari said matter-of-factly. "That will please Brice."
Rion whispered so quietly that only Cara could hear.
"She doesn't know we're vampires. Let's keep it that way. Let her tie us up and when Brice returns, we'll get free. Trust me on this."
Cara nodded, then spoke to Kari.
"We will cooperate with you. We won't struggle," Cara said slowly.
Kari stands before them.
"Multi-tie!" She yelled.
The ropes shot out of her hands and tied up Cara and Rion's hands and feet.
"Was that a spell?" Cara asked Rion.
"I believe so," Rion muttered angrily. "Looks like Brice did that spell on her..."

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