Karma Always Stalks

"you reap what you sow"

"Mr Harrison, a lady is here to see you, she says its urgent" reported Silver, "send her in" said a stern serious voice, George Harrison was a man of great conduct the owner of Times Gazzete, the most popular Gazette in town,( the only in nearby competition is one of Wendy Jones Director- in-charge of The Observer) anywhere he visited, he was welcomed with great regard and respect, For him everything in the world was compressed within the boundaries of his money, power, respect and care for his daughter Aria. Little did this perfect man know that this meeting was going to change his life forever. There was a subtle knock at the door, but it was perhaps just a formality-knock, the lady entered the room, quite hastily, It was tough for Mr. Harrison to recognize this face instantly, but he recalled the face in some vague memory years back.
_________part has been cut_________to save mystery______________
It was a succinct meeting, which ended within half an hour, but it had awakened memories from his preceding history, memories which weren't too good, when he was not such a man of limitations and orderliness, when he ceased life and every moment which passed by, maybe he wasn't as rich and respectful as he is now, but he didn't have a single regret. But the meeting had suddenly shifted his thoughts from materialism and power back to simplicity and freedom, But he knew it somewhere deep down that nothing can change now, now he has commitments to follow, fighting through all this confusion all he wanted now was to look for a girl named Hayley Smith, he didn't know a single bit about her, all he knew was that she was his only primary objective now.
_________a lot of part has been cut_________to save mystery______________
Aria could not stop crying, but through her sobs she managed to explain to the detective that her father had messaged her 10 days back that he would be leaving town for an urgent agreement which might take some days, but it was nothing unusual as he did this many a times, The unusual part was him not returning and instead of a phone call coming to her, telling her a that her dad has jumped from the 10th floor of a hotel building. A cold self punishment, suicide.

The question is who was the women who visited Mr Harrison?
Is a man of such great self restraint capable of a dark past?
who is Hayley Smith?
Did karma get too heavy?
Was it really a suicide?

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