Action&Fantasy have always been my favorite categories of books, and so I only write Action or Fantasy. I keep a 96-page notebook where I write down all my ideas for stories (so far, I have filled 1 and 1/2 in 1 and 1/2 years) and I recently started getting serious about one of them. I've only written three chapters but everything is already planned out. I have pages about my characters, about the plot, about everything...I love writing. Until recently I posted it on, but I hate the pressure it gives me: I feel I have to update quickly so the quality is much lower than it could be. Besides, if I ever decided to publish it, I'd rather not have it everywhere on the internet. For the same reason, I can't post the plot here. Too bad...

Tymeria Tymeria
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009