Writing a Book Is Not As Simple As I Thought It Would Be

I've always enjoyed to write (I started to write short stories at the age of 7). I like to write everything; poetry, articles (on my blog), stories and books. I first wrote a book when I was 12 and even though my book was simple and not so good, it was easier to write one than it is today. I've been writing a book since 2008 and d*amn, it's so hard ! At first, when you got tons of ideas and u're really inspired, it seems easy, but as you writing it, you see that it's not ! I stopped to write it like two months ago, but from time to time, I add some new things...I really don't know where I'm going with this book, but I'm tryin' to develop my ideas and I search some in other books (I'm a good reader, too). I hope that finaly, I'll write it because you know, even though it's hard, I won't give up because I'm not that kind of person and also, because I think it would be a great book (the idea is good).

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Thx for your comment :) It's good to see that I'm not the one having that problem :)

I totally know what you mean! I'm a teen trying to write a book, and I have so many ideas that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Its crazy, but then once I start writing I can't get any further than the ideas. Good luck!<br />
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Hint: I'm really into nature so i take a quick walk when I'm having serious writers block.