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Two Sexy Ladies Detectives Are Partners.

One day a woman was  wearing a  black suit and she was walking toward her white Victorian style mansion. She had  dark brown hair and kissable lips. Sexy body and powerful legs. Her eyes are very soulful.  When you stare into them. You know notice that she had be hurt  a lot  by life. Yes. She had a hard life. She remind you of Neve Campbell. You know from those Scream Movies. Yes. Well, It's her. She is part- time detective and part-time actress. She walked up the white stone steps of the her white Victorian style mansion. She reached into her right pocket of her black pants for the keys to her house.  She was 5'5 inch tall and her weight is 110 lb.

Neve had stepped into massive hallway. On the floor was made of real white marble titles.  A grand stair case leading up to the second floor.

She had closed the French doors. Neve walked into massive and impressive kitchen. All of the applications were made out of stainless steel.

The island in the middle of the kitchen was made of real black marble titles. 

Neve  was walking  toward the refrigerator and she had  opened the door. She took out a bottle of  Molson Canadian beer. Yes. She is a Canadian but she lives in L.A. now but you can get Molson Canadian beer in L.A.

The phone rings. She pick up the receiver.

"Hello? Campbell's detective agency? Neve Campbell is speaking. How may I help you?" She said sweetly into the receiver.

"Hello? Ms. Campbell.  You posted an ad on the L.A. Times. The ad said. Campbell's agency is looking a partner." A sweetly female said on the line.

"Yes, of course."

"Can I get your name please?"

"Jennifer Garner. My home phone is  323-555-567. If I'm not at home. My cell number is 323-666-7878."

Neve wrote those numbers down on a whiteboard.

"Thanks Ms. Garner."

"Can you come to my house for an interview?"


"How about at 6 pm tonight?"

"Of course. "

"After that we can go to  get something to eat?"

"Sure Ms. Campbell."

"See you tonight at 6 pm Ms. Garner. "

"Of course Ms. Campbell."

They said good bye. Neve put the receiver back on phone base.

She is promising. She is sweet too.

 She had twisted off the cap off of the bottle of beer and she took a sip.

The phone rings again. Neve got up to get the phone.

"Hello? Campbell's detective agency. May I help you?"

"Hi babe." a sexy male voice said in an British accent on the end.

"Hello John." Neve said sweetly to him.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm interviewing someone to be my partner for Campbell's detective agency."


"When is the interview?"

"Tonight at 6 pm."

"What are you plan after the interviewing?"

"We are going grab a bite to eat."

"You want to get  to know this person."


"I'm outside right now."



Neve got up and she walked out of the kitchen into the hallway. She walked toward French doors. She opened the door. A handsome British gentleman was standing in front of her and he was wearing a white tee and blue jeans.

John was bending down to kiss his sexy girlfriend and he  pulled away.

"Do you want to come in?"

Neve asked her British boyfriend John Benson.

"No. I have some errands to run."

John Benson was 6'3 inch tall and he weights 160 lbs.  His eyes is the color of the ocean. Neve likes to look into them because she can see the ocean in her boyfriend's eyes.

"Why are you here than?"

"I want to see you Neve."

Neve smiled at him sweetly.

"You drive all the way from North L.A. just to see me."

"Yes sweetheart."

"I have to go now."

"Okay John."

John walked back down the real white marbles stairs.

Neve watched her boyfriend walked toward his red viper car and he got into it.

She shut the door and Neve went back to the kitchen. She sat on the counter again.

Neve took a sip of her beer.

Inside John's red viper car:
Neve will not suspect that I'm the bad guy because she loves me too much. I love her too. I will go to the boss and I will tell him. That I wanna out of the bad guy business forever. I will be a good man for my lovely Neve.

John had parked his viper car beside a office building.

He  had opened the door and John stepped out of the viper. He shut the door. 

Later he was sitting in front of the Boss.

"I want to get out of this business Mr. Boss."

The Boss was hidden behind a dark curtain.


"I'm in love sir."

"Ah. The lovely Neve Campbell has your heart John."

"Yes sir."

"I'm happy for you John."

"Thanks sir."

"You are our best assert John."

"I know sir but I'm welling give up all this bad guy business for the woman I love."

The boss was silent for a moment.

"You will not tell her about our business otherwise you know that you are going to be killed."

"Yes. I will not tell her. I swear."

"Okay John. We will still watching you."

"Of course sir."

"Good bye John. Good luck to you and Neve."

"Thanks sir."

Later he showed up at her white Victorian mansion a bouquet of  red roses.  She loves red roses. (awww. That's sweet.)

He ran up the stairs and he rang the door bell.

Inside the kitchen Neve got up and she walked out of the kitchen into the impression hallway.

She opened the door.

"Hello darling."

John gave her the flowers and he pick her up. They kissed each passionately.  John pulled away from her but he didn't put her down.

"My errands are down babe."


"How about I show how much I love you Neve?"

"I like that."

John walked inside and he shut the door with his left heel of his white running shoes.

Later they were under the sheet. You can hear moaning noises.

Half hour later

"You are amazing Neve."

Neve looked into his blue eyes.

"So are you."

They had  smiled at each other.

Author's note : Okay. I know you all want to have steamy parts. You know what? I think I'm not really feel comfortable about writing steamy parts. Sorry for disappointing my friends and members.I'm sorry I don't want members to have the wrong ideas about me. So I will stick to PG type of writing. If you want to read erotic stories. You can check out my other friends story. Very steamy and sexy.... I read them sometimes. giggles.

Neve got up.

"Where are you?"

"I have to get ready for the interview."


She walked toward  a closed door and Neve opened the door. Inside was a very large and elegant bath room.  The bathroom was all titled with white titles.

The double sinks are made of real gold and even the toilet  is gold too.

She looked at herself in the mirror.  She had smiled at her reflection.

John was behind her.


Neve turned around to face her dashing British boyfriend.

"Yes hon?"

"I want to marry you Neve."

Neve just smiled at him.

"Is that a yes or no?"

"I have to think about it John."

"You can take all time you like."

"Let's shower together John."

"I love it."

Later Neve was wearing a silky robe.

She walked out of the bathroom.  John was still wearing his boxers. His cell rings. He put his right hand into his right pocket to get his cell.

"Hello? John is speaking."

"Hello brother." a female  voice said in British accent.

"Hello Lucy."

"How are you Lucy?"


"London is raining all this week."

"Sorry Lucy."

"How is Neve?"

"She is great."

"That's good."

"Anyways. I'm going to bed now. I will chat with you in the morning bro."

"Sure sis."

John had end the call. He put on the same clothe he had on earlier.

Neve was inside the built in closet. She took a black dress and silky black underwear.

John was behind her.

"So you are wearing a simple black dress darling."


"I rather see you with nothing on."

Neve gave out a little giggle.

She lost her robe and she put on the silky underwear and than the simple black dress.  John was watching her the whole time.

"Can you zip me up babe?"


He walked toward Neve and he zipped her dress up. She took out matching black heels and she put them.

"You are so elegant my darling."

"Thanks John."

"I will be here waiting for you."

Together they stepped out of the built in closet.

"You can seat with me while I'm interviewing Ms. Garner."

"Of course sweetie."

Later they were sitting down on red leather sofa waiting for Ms. Garner.

Outside a red mini-cooper stopped beside the massive white Victorian house.  Inside the mini-cooper a very elegant woman was behind the wheel. The woman opened the driver's door and she stepped out.  This woman was wearing a very elegant long silky dress.  She looks like Jennifer Garner from Alias show. She was in 13 going on 30 movie.  Of course, it's her. She too is a part-time actress. Now she is thinking about being a part-time detective.

She walked up the white marble stair case to get to the front door of the Victorian mansion.  She rang the door bell.

Inside the living room Neve got up.

"She is here."


Neve walked out of the living room and she walked into the hallway. Neve walked toward the French door. She had opened the door.

"Hello Ms. Campbell. I'm Jennifer Garner."

"Please come in Ms. Garner."

"You have a lovely dress on Ms. Garner."

"Thank you. You too Ms. Campbell."

Author's note: This is so awesome. I mean Jennifer  Garner and Neve are together in story. They would be good together in a Hollywood movie. That would so interesting to see. I'm hoping that will happen someday. 

"Thank you Ms. Garner."

Neve let Jennifer inside.

They walked into the living room.

"This is my boyfriend John Benson."

"Lovely to meet you Jennifer."

"Likewise Mr. Benson."

"Please call me John. Mr. Benson is for my father. He is very big deal in England and around the world.  I'm a disappointment to him ."

Jennifer was listening to him with interest.

Jennifer sat across from Neve and John.

"You know. You were great in that show Alias Ms. Garner."  John said to her.


"When can you start Ms. Garner?"

"Please call me Jennifer. I can start right away."

"Okay Jennifer."

"Are you still acting?"

"I'm going to act part-time."

"That's great."

"We don't have any clients yet but we will Jennifer. Are you ready for it?"

"Of course Ms. Campbell."

"You can call me Neve too."

"You are hired Jennifer."


Neve and Jennifer got up at the same time. They shook hands.

"Let's go out for dinner."

Neve was looking at her boyfriend.

"See you later hon."

"Sure babe."

"He is not coming with us."

"No. Just you and me are having dinner together."

"I know a great Chinese restaurant."

Author's note: Oh I think they make a great business partners. Power to both of them. I think is cute to add author's notes. giggling.

"See you later John."

"You and Jennifer have fun."

"We will."

Later they were inside Jennifer's mini cooper.

"This Chinese restaurant is called Chow's Jennifer."

"I live 15 minute away from China Town."


Jennifer drove away from Neve's white Victorian Mansion.

" The Chinese  restaurant is called Yang Chow Restaurant."

"It's on 819 North Broadway."

"I know where that restaurant is Neve."


"A guy took me there for a date."


Yes. This Chinese restaurant   does exist on 819 North Broadway in L.A. California. I did some research. You gotta have research man. Fiction meets reality.  If you feel like eating Chinese food or visiting L.A. Go there to try it. Maybe someday I will go to L.A. to try it.

"They have excellent Chinese Food there Neve."

"Yes. I know."

"Who this guy who take you there."

"He is an actor too."


"Do I know him?"


They were sitting at a table for two beside a big window inside Yang Chow's Chinese Restaurants.

"You are still going out with this guy that took you here."

"Nope. I found that he is lying bastard."

"I'm sorry."

"Oh well. I will not find love. I will be alone forever."

"Sure you will Jennifer."

"Nah. I think I will stay single for now."

A Waiter came to their table to take their order.  He was wearing jeans and a white shirt.  He is in his early 20's.

"Nice to see you again Ms.Campbell and Ms. Garner." He said in very thick Chinese accent.

"What can I get you ladies?"

"I will have the usually." Neve said to Jack.

Jack wrote it down on a little note pad.

"I will have a plate of Chicken fried rice."

"We will have a bottle of wine."

He wrote those item down too.

"I will go get the wine first."

He walked away from them.

"How did you and John meet?"

"I was in a Star buck coffee shop. I was drinking green tea and I was eating a blueberry muffin."

"John came in. He was wearing a black suit.  I guess he was going to a meeting or something."

"He saw me and he came over toward me."

"You are the lovely Ms. Campbell."

"I said to him You know me?"

"He said I'm your huge fan."

"I said oh?"

"He sat down across from me."

"We chatted for a long time."

"That is how we met."

"That's nice."

"What's the deal with his father Mr. Benson."

"Well. Mr. Benson is very powerful business man. He has companies around the world"



Their food have arrived.

"Thanks Jack."

"You welcome Ms. Campbell."

He also set two wine glass down on the table and as well as a bottle of wine and a corkscrew.

"Thank you Jack."

"My pleasure Ms. Garner."

Jack walked away.

Neve took the corkscrew  and she opened the bottle of wine with the corkscrew.  She put the corkscrew down on the table. She pour into those two glasses.  She gave one to Jennifer.

"Thanks Neve."

"You are welcome Jennifer."

Neve rose her glass.

"Let's toast to our partnership."


Jennifer rose her glass. They clinked glasses.  She took a sip and she set the wine down.

Neve took a sip too and she also put the glasses down.

They ate their food in silence. After they had finished their food.

"So Jennifer? Maybe we can hang out sometimes."

"Of course."


Neve's cell rang in her  green purse. She took out her cell out of her green purse.

"Hello? Neve is speaking?"

"Hey Neve. It's Matt."

"Hello Matt."

You know the actor Matthew  Fox from Party of Five and Lost  television show.  He played  Neve's character Julia's older brother Charlie on Party of Five.

"Where are you now Neve?"

"I'm eating dinner with a friend."

"Cool. Which restaurant?"

"Yang's Chow."

"I will be there in less than ten minture."


"See you later Neve"

"Of course Matt."

She hang up.

"Matt is coming here."

"Who's Matt?"

"He and I used to be on Party of Five."

"Really? Cool."

"Yes. He is good guy.I see him  has a surrogate brother and a friend."

"Awesome. Is he single?"

"Sorry. He is happily married."


"I am sure you can find other boyfriend."

Matt Fox had enter Yang's Chow. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. He was looking for Neve. He had spotted her at a table near the window. He had walked toward them.
Neve saw him. She got up to give him a huge. He had hugged her back. He had pull away.

"This is my friend Matt Fox."

"This is Jennifer Garner."

They had shook hands. Matt sat down beside Neve.

They were having a very interesting conversation about Neve's Detective Agency.

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Thanks handsome.

nice one..

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That is really good. Next?

Thanks.. Ladymaggs. Of course I will write more when I have time.

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Pretty cool, SM......It's almost reads like a BBC play....<br />
<br />
Well done....<br />
<br />
Samantha xx

It's almost ready for primetime. looking forward to the next episode.

Pla<x>yerazzi: Oh dear. Well. Just a story nothing more. I'm not like this in real life. I'm very cautious in life. I'm not really bright in real life. I'm not stupid. Just gullible.

Thanks sierra. Hope you like it.

Wow you did add a lot. I love the authors notes too!! It's great!! Totally great!

damn..<br />
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Well. I had to add the author's note because I think is kinda of fun. Don't you think?

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I enjoyed reading your story. I also like the author's note. :)

The area code for the L.A. is real. The 7 digits number isn't.

You are welcome<br />
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I'm going to add more.

Awwww!!! SM2010! :) this made for an absolutely brilliant read my young friend! it was really very good :) I got caught up in the middle of it all! thank you for writing and sharing! your post!!! :)


Hello? She is allowed her privacy. If I did get her real number. I think I will get arrest for invading her privacy.

Just a made up phone number. Not her real number. LOL.

Excellent Mother. I like it. You always bring a smile to my face as well, i like your authors note :-)<br />
<br />
By the way, are you sure you got Ms Garners numbers right? i tried them and got number unobtainable! lol


Yes. Since she hasn't play a detective.

SM, This is gonna be GREAT!! It's so cute that you fit Neve right in here too!

Thanks Roxanne.

Good start Mother :)