i dont know if its a novel yet but  yeah i'm writing something thats for sure..i just started, its a Science fiction story, its kinda dark. well pretty dark as it deals with someone who starts to doubt what is real, who he is and even if what seems fake is true and what is true is fake. idk lol..i suck at telling people about these things. i wont go into anymore detail about it, i just hope that i can finish this and do it and that its actually good because so far, i can never ever no matter what get those doubts out of my mind..
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haha it never would of happened anyway :P

ooh i've compeltey scrapped that whole idea hahah.

Just keep going! Don't listen to your inner critic, put a muzzle on it and keep writing! I am terrible about comparing myself to other writers too. I took a creative writing class and there was incredible talent in the class, but among them was one seriously good writer. I went away feeling hopelessly depressed that there was no way I could ever produce anything like that. But he later shared with me the flaws he saw in his own writing that I couldn't see, so it just goes to show, we are our own worst critics! I wish you the best of luck! :)

you mean writers :P but yeah, your right i know..but i'll never be as good as any that have succeeded..ah but i wont succeed if i start comparing myself to others, otherwise what am i but trying to out due someone rather than setting my own record, doing something for me, overcoming myself and not someone else.

i hope i can..part of me doesn't like writing though..because, requires me to open up that box in my brain, filled with all my depression and hatred and well all my negtaive stuff that i then have to twist and shape and control to turn it into writing. takes alot of energy lol.