Hard Going But Worth It

I have a fair size novel inside me and it's tricky getting it out undamaged. I have four chapters down and am working on the fifth. I have decided to publish through LuLu.com.



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Self-publishing? Go you!

Your stories sound good. My advice is to take it slow and be sure of yourself. Forcing it is only going to affect it for the worst. Sometimes a novel can take several years to write. When the time comes, you will know just what to write. In the meantime, keep your chin up. Political correctness shouldn't stand in the way of a good story.<br />
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Dear Aspergic,<br />
<br />
I had written some chapters that way in attempting a novel.<br />
I was a practicing doctor and somehow i lost the papers or its there somewhere cant find now. <br />
Imean actually write with a pen and papers.<br />
now i realise its nolonger done that way and iam going to put it in my system.<br />
First the plot.<br />
the early failed attempts were just autobiographical.<br />
then i realised its too hard to actually say all that since lot of political correctness will come in.<br />
so i stalled.<br />
<br />
what i mean exactly is that ,i have been putting to words my actual life story thru characters and it involves many things not yet politically acceptable to be expressed.<br />
I lived thru communal strife and worked in an islamic state.<br />
the story revolves around political issues and religious ,that divide romance.<br />
now thats diffcult to express in words without getting caught in misunderstandings.<br />
to make it contemproray and lift it to other scenes,i have not lived except brief visits to such countries,long enough to convey realism.<br />
<br />
then all on a sudden,i had this completely Ludlum kind of fast paced tech thriller.<br />
the story i narrated to my brother who is an australian citizen,was said to be good.<br />
its set in nepal,and involves the plot against the monarchs life by Moaist guerellas.<br />
and how indian agents thwart it. The guerrilas steal a infra red sensor tipped cruise missile etc.<br />
<br />
the 2 stories are poles apart.<br />
one is mystic and romantic set in political turmoil and religious fault lines.<br />
the other is just spinning yarn watching the news and making up a fast pace thriller.<br />
<br />
i will soon zero on to something.<br />
<br />
kindly help me with some feedback.<br />
<br />