Writing Is Necessary, But Damn, It Hurts.

I started writing a fantasy novel a little over 9 months ago. I love the idea and the main characters, but something just wasn't right. I ended up rewriting the beginning of the novel and changing a few key things about a few key characters. Wonderful. Everything is perfect now...except...

Because I rewrote the beginning of the book, I've had to throw out most of what I'd written after that (and by "throw out" of course I mean tuck away in a box in the closet). So, except for maybe 50 scattered pages, I am rewriting the entire book. I'm so excited and so sad at the same time.
I'm putting more and more of myself into my story every day, and every day I become slightly more emotionally invested in this novel. I can understand why writers have higher rates of substance abuse.
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

Good luck! I know that writing is really involving, and rewriting is hard as hell. And I agree with the writing being 'necessary' - I can't not write, and I know it's the same for many others.

I hear you! I've started taking my writing seriously over the past few years and it scares me half to death to see what dark emotions I have not been expressing. I don't even know who this overly dramatic, moody creature is that pens these weird things! :P<br />
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It's a blessing and a curse I think. Can you imagine life WITHOUT your novel? What would you do with yourself? I imagine it would be like looking at life as black and white. No color, no emotions, really rather drab.<br />
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Good luck on your novel!

I have had the same experience as you, but with the rewriting of it, because I did not like the format. It does end up sad and exciting all at the same time.