"sweet Hell."

I put my arms around his neck and he easily carried me in the position of a toddler; an arm under both my legs and his other arm holding my back. I put my head against his collarbone and sniffed, a delicious fragrance coming through his skin to tickle my nose and I smiled slightly. My tongue moved of its own accord and I lightly licked the area between his shoulder and neck, causing him to shudder. “May I?” I asked. He nodded and forced himself to relax. I opened my mouth and the two canines in front grew to be razor sharp and I quickly sunk my fangs into his skin. He grunted and shook with pleasure when my teeth pierced his skin and the small sun symbol on my left hand started to glow as his warm blood filled my mouth with a syrupy sweetness. I giggled slightly as I sucked and enjoyed the tanginess of it as I washed it down my throat. After 2 big gulps I stopped and removing my fangs, I licked the two holes where they had been and they steamed shut. I licked my lips and turned Hell’s head toward me, his red hair falling in silky waves over his face. I kissed him with purpose as his blood ran through me and filled me with vitality, making sure I gave him enough energy before releasing his mouth. His black eyes glowed slightly silver from the energy and he laughed from the strength it gave him.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Very sweet, very erotic. I think you are a good writer.

why thank you :D the eroticism is....well....an accident but oh well!

Wow, that's very good.

oh thanks :) i was in the vampirey mood when i wrote it. dunno wats gonna come next XD

Well, I'll keep checking back to see what happens. Somehow, I see a movie deal coming too. ;)

i dreamt this last night so i was writing in my dream log and poof! the middle of the beginning. movie deal? maybe for my other stories! this ones just getting started :)