Unbound: Chapter 1

The world was dark. That was all I knew. There was not a thought in my mind. All was blank and non-existant. I felt chains tugging on my wrists, pulling me down, nearly breaking my arm, dragging me into a black abyss. My eyes fluttered open, the memory of the dream became vague. I examined the room. Simple, and good. A single bed to rest my head on, a single chair, a single candle, and my sword. Nothing was out of place, not that there was much that could have been out of place anyhow. It was humble, but that was how we lived, humble. I remembered I had an errand I should have attended once I rested up, so I ran off, already dressed fully in leather, into the streets. I reached a building which was certainly not small, but formidable and strong nonetheless. The framework was traditional, and ages old, just like everything else here. I opened the door slowly to be greeted by the sound of a hammer bending metals. My eyes caught the movement, and the one who was pounding away at the unformed weapon. It was my childhood friend, Lucifer Morning Star.
"Hey Luce," I said casually, "I didn't think you were coming so soon. I thought you had higher duties, being elite and all." He gave me his usual cold stare, and thought for a few moments before speaking. This was typical of him.
"I did have plans for recently, but I gave up some rest time and finished early. I figured you would want to see me, since it's been such a horribly long time. Besides, I wanted to work on a new project in the smithy. Does that bother you?"
I was hesitant to speak. Luce rarely spent time metalworking, in fact, he hated it just as I loved it, with a burning passion. Why would he be here for that? Excuses as always, I thought. He was always too tough to be caught getting friendly.
"No, I'm fine with it, and it really hasn't been that long. I'm a little surprised you come all this way to see me. Who else were you planning on visiting?"
"If it wouldn't bother him, I'd like to see Gremir. He did teach the both of us, didn't he? The student should always stay in touch with his master."
"Fine by me," I said, getting my work equipment on. It was high time I sharpened the swords, so I gathered a great pile, and placed them next to "the wheel". I began lightly applying pressure on the sword as it spun. This was my favorite pastime, and luckily for me, it was my main job. Gremir was kind enough to notice my love for the art. Days used to go by like this, Lucifer hammering away while I sharpened the swords he made. We were artists, two of the same feather. Yes, we both had black wings. These would be used to supply the angelic military.
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I love this, but tackling a project with this much allusion takes some serious dedication. Love the idea, ready for more.

Thank you. I've been writing it in my free time. I hope I can get to 2 soon! Eek! :3