Soul Fire , Chapter One

Deep down inside me something broke , something small and cold broke .

" icess !" "Report for duty !" . I shook the sleep away and strutted out of the hole , dravis comands i call it a cave even though its only a burrow under a huge flat rock. I flapped my wings sending dust everywhere i looked up and watched the morning patrols fly over the tree tops , their blue scales glinting in the sunlight . I looked towards the river and saw hatchlings playing with a pinecone , dravis yelling at them to stop " quit it you little monsters " he screeched . Before anyone saw me i crept over to the fresh-kill pile and scoffed down amole. " drop it icess " i heard dravis coo. I glared at him and he automatically shut up . Towards the hill sunscale and firewing were fussing over windhearts eggs . And ivyclaw was cleaning her wings in the maple pool. Witch sounds fancy but is really just a small lake that got the name maple pool beacause ivyclaws hatchling maplescale had drowned in its deep water . I slinked over to the border and watched a squirrel run into mountain pack territory and regreted not chasing it . Dustfang bounded up next to me and slapped me with her tail " icess ! What in the name of skypack are you doing so close to the border !?" She scolded . " i was just geting some fresh air " i replied a little too confidentilly . " yeah well , get your fresh air back at camp , you might end up like swift tail " she warned . Swifttail was a
Very unfortunate dragon she had wandered into mountain pack territory and was slayn by patrols . Sadly i crawled back to camp not wanting to face dravis ............
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You have a poetic lilt, I have it too. I have written one poem to go in my book. I wrote the first chapter today. I doubt if I will have a writing block, but when I get ideas I write them down, or I will lose the thought. You might try to Cap your I's. I know what you mean, but it's a little distracting from your thoughts. But you are a good writer . You have a flair for it. Oh to be young again.

thank you . I got the idea for this book after a read ice fire , and warriors