Soul Fire , Chapter One Part Three

I feared what he would do next but at the same time i wanted it to happen . The day i give up my name and become a warrior, leave my childhood , gain respect was finally here . A few hours later , we all sat at the tallest oak in the whole forest . All the dragons lined up their heads held high . Dravis walked to the center of the pack and letout a resounding roar. I got to my feet waiting to be called up . Dravis cleared his throat then he said " today we welcome a new warrior " i stood up and walked up to the center next to dravis not waiting untill he said the name " icess !" .Everybody stopped or flapped their wings . " as you all know she doesnt not have her warrior name !" Announced dravis. I blushed in embarrassment . Dravis grabed a mouthful of leaves and threw them at the tree , he then closed his eyes and calmly stated " from now on your new name shall be ........... icestorm!"
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Feb 13, 2013