Crappy Teen Romance Novel

This past year, during NaNoWriMo, I completed my first draft of a crappy teen romance novel entitled "Love on Location." Because of my frantic attempts to reach 50,000 words (which I did, so YAY), I decided to forgo using contractions. Re-combining words has proven to be quite a chore. I'm still mainly editing a hard copy I printed out in the beginning of December, but I'm planning to start editing the digital version as soon as I'm done with this last round of edits. For this particular editing, I've been reading it aloud, which I have found to be very useful for recognizing and fixing awkward wording. It's not a very fast process, but I've gotten more in depth editing done in the past three days than I have in all the weeks since NaNo ended combined. It's been really helpful.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, which I bet you aren't this is the summary of my "novel":

Trixis Cayden is an actress on a prime time soap opera much like 7th Heaven or Falcon Crest. She was cast as the shy-but-snarky, Ansley Greyson at the age of six when she loved her name and wanted the whole world to know "TRIXIS CAYDEN." Now, at 17, she hates her name (seriously, how hard would it have been for her parents to choose between Trixie and Alexis?), hates her job, and wants nothing more to leave the show. However, Greyson Farms is less than willing to let her out of her contract, boasting one of the largest and continuous casts in prime time history!
When taking classes at the local high school (the show films in a small town called Peace Springs, Kansas) she meets a guy named Wyatt. Because the show films in the town (and in the high school) various Peace Springers get small speaking roles on the show. The show's writers see Wyatt and Trixis talking and give him a small part in a critical scene on the show. Fans respond to his character ("Joshua") and he becomes a recurring character. Trixis is not happy.


Lame, huh?

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Feb 19, 2009