A Glacial Pace...

Ten years or so ago I had the most vivid dream — and I remembered it, which is very unusual for me. Since then, I have been toying with the idea of writing it as a novel, a screenplay, a blog, something. Finally, earlier this year I settled on doing it as a graphic novel. The good thing is that my dream had mapped out virtually everything in broad strokes. The bad things is that even with a clear vision, almost 15 years of professional writing under my belt (although not as a novelist), and some really fascinating research, I can't seem to work up the motivation to write continuously, so the going is very slow. "Just force yourself to sit down and write something every day," you authors out there will say to me. Well shut the hell up. You try writing your novel after you've put in a 10 hour day writing on deadline. I seriously need a loooooooong vacation to get this baby off the ground.
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This is very inspiring as I too have been toying with the idea of writing a novel but I have no idea where to start. I have recently been laid off of work so I guess today is as good as the next. I am going to start writing a little each day. Thanks for the encouragement. I would love feed back on some of the stuff I have already written with your experience as a writer. Please add me as a friend.

i am writing a novel also and even i find it hard to sit down every day and write something i know iit will take long but i always write about 2 paragraphs in a day and that is in the writing mood i'm 13 and ur obviously older so probably dnt c y i'd want to comment but i know how u feel add me and we can talk if u wanna talk to a 13 yr old kid

Dont try to sit front of computer and writing... Take a notebook with you and go outside. dont try to think about anything just be an observer, get empty your mind first. then start to dreaming about your characters, dream about the possible events... dont try to write chapter by chapter, just find the possible events and write them. and then set up the connections between the events. I wrote a screenplay a few years ago and worked like that. I always have a notebook with me and usually takes notes when i was at the outside. Then sit on the laptop and started to write. my notes guided to me :) Good luck!

Hi, I never knew what regimentation was until a friend of mine got her book published. I thought a writer wrote "when inspiration" came and bit him/her on the you know what. No! she said just write every day. even if it's 100 words to start. Say a paragraph--just write. I always wanted to write a novel. only I had no idea how to go about it. I followed her advice and guess what? I'm really doing it. How I got my novel off the ground was I just thought about one or two characters at first. then I gave them some words to say in a certain situation. and it took off. I've had jump starts before, but this is gelling. btw, did you know that Road to Perdition was a graphic novel?! go for it! what have you got to lose? NOTHING!!!