The Begining of Diagnosis.



Sitting in a darkened room I cower. The doctors have left, left me alone and vulnerable. I can hear them now, they’re coming… “Happy Birthday,” I looked around at all their smiling faces, I was happy because it was my birthday but for some reason I couldn’t contemplate why they were all so happy. They had been like that all day, so happy. For me, this day was a celebration as well as a commemoration. This was the day my family split. Four years ago today my dad walked out the door and never came back. I was only fourteen and it was a traumatic time for me even before that, so when he walked out I snapped. My mother sent me to a therapist but he said I would need intensive care; I would have to be put into a psychiatric facility until I got better, until I learnt to cope. One whole year, that’s how long it took, one year. The diagnosis was temporary insanity. The doctors said that all those years of blocking my emotions had driven me to it, after that I stopped blocking it. Well, for as long as I could anyway. “Open your present’s sweetie”, my mother was smiling at me and holding out a small wrapped box, it was from grandma, another silver charm no doubt. “Come on, what are you daydreaming about? Open it!”  I unwrapped the tiny box and I was surprised at what I found, not a charm at all, instead inside that box was a gorgeous silver necklace with a large diamond heart and small light pink, quartz no doubt, hearts lining the chain. I pulled out the necklace and just as I had placed it around my neck when I was handed another box, smaller this time. “It’s also from grandma, she went all out this year, considering it’s you eighteenth, you’re finally an adult,” mum’s smile had gotten bigger.  I took the box and opened it to find a gorgeous ring inside; it was glimmering in the sunshine. It was a silver ring that perfectly matched the necklace, it too was a heart diamond but this time it was a locket. I was stunned. “Thanks grandma, I love them”, I reached over and hugged her. This was turning out to be the best birthday ever.
singlemist singlemist
18-21, F
Nov 17, 2007