May In Love Part 8

Two weeks have passed since May learned she was pregnant and she was scared to tell Mike. Oh what can I do my life is over now, thinks May has she texts Mike to come over they need to talk about something. So May was getting ready to see Mike she put on the cutest skirt and the sexist top she has just trying to look sexy tho she knows her life is over. Then a hour goes by and she sees Mike pull up and her heart drops. Mike then knocked on the door and May let him in.

“Dear you look hot today” “I know Mike babe we need to talk” “Sure”

May and Mike go sit on the sofa to talk. Then we see them just hold hands before they talk. “Mike babe I got some good but bad news.” “What is it May?” “Well am pregnant dear.” “Are you sure?” “Yes I went to the doctor because I was late and she said am pregnant my life is over.” “oh wow pregnant with my baby oh wow” just then Mike toke Mays hand and just rubbed it then he kissed her to calm her down and then May started to cry and he just wiped her tears. “May your life is not over just you gained a little life in your womb.” “Mike I think you will leave me now.” “ I will never ever leave you you are my girl we just need to get married  .” “Really you mean that?” just then Mike got up and reached behead his back and got on one knee. “What no way.” “yes it not how I wanted this but its time I believe so so will you Marry me?” “um um yes babe” “then here you go your ring” then he put in on her ring finger and he kissed her hand and said “you want to go eat some fish?” “yes I do Mike.” They then got in Mikes car and they went to a seafood place. 


Then when they got there Mike opened the door for May “here you go dear.” “thanks Mike” when they got to there table Mike pulled Mays chair out for her. 

They got the catfish with fries and they talked for a while.”you know this was a good day May.” “yeah I know it was.” “We need to talk more about this huh?” “Yes but take me home first .” Then they get to Mays home and Mike takes her to her door as the go in May kisses Mike on the lips and they stand there kissing time seemed to stop again and they started to smile in the kiss that kiss never ended it just stayed like that forever then they go in and sit on the sofa to talk. “Oh Mike that was a good kiss can we go outside and lay under the stars on a cover?” “Sure babe it will be nice.” “Lets go” As they go outside and lay out under the stars they start to talk. “So May you ready to be a mommy?” “oh wow I guess I am ready just scared.” “Trust me am scared to because I was hoping to marry you first but its okay.” “That's so sweet and that turns me on.” “Then whats get it on.” “oh outside cool.” “Sure why not.” Then they both start to kiss and they remove there clothes  and they nude as they kiss under the moon. Then Mike gets on top of May as he puts his penis in her and he started to move in and out and they started to moan like beasts and they just roll in the dirt and make great love and when they were gone they picked up there clothes and head inside. “Mike please stay the night” “Oh I wish I could stay but I got to go tonight.” “its okay dear I will see ya later.” Mike then got dressed and he said “I love you.” “I love you too.” Then Mike left and there May was nude in the door way and she slowly went to her bathroom to take a shower to clean herself she was thinking of Mike which turned her on she plays with her self and then she drys off and puts on her cute pj’s and the just gets a book and starts reading its a baby book and she has a photo book next to her photos of her belly. She looks at the one she just toke she started to smile then she turned out the lights and went to bed. 
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
Sep 19, 2012