The Awaiting Comet...year 9

I always had this feeling of impending doom.

I didn't like my 3rd grade teacher she was nice but very one sided. She only like the kids who made her look good and at the time I was getting sicker so I was not use to her. I had a weird bone growth and well long story short my arch exploded in my feet. Was a painful time but the only school moment I remember is she asked if I did drugs because I was missing to many days from school again and one of the students a fan one can guess. When I said not and told her about whats going on with me she said I don't care about your personal life. I was like WTF and even then I had never felt so pissed off. I went home told my mom.

Meanwhile at home.
My mom had gotten a job she actually liked working for 2 very nice people. I like them and when this happen they and my mom were actually to the rescue. It was the 1st time someone had stood up from me in a big way. The downed was that I use to hang out at there house all the time I loved that place. They had 2 cute dogs , a nice house, cable, they were very sweet to me, My mom always smiled when she worked with them. My little niece/sister started to come over now from the start she said she did not like them they were ugly she was and how he was a scary. But she started coming over and from the start there were issues. She open a box a gift for there grandson. I was blamed for it. I felt like I lost something I got home got spanked and cried. That was it... She continued to go over and well she ate 3 whole boxes of pop tarts broke a window and well. She never really got punished they let it go.
I learned that I am a flaw. That sooner or later I will always come back at me if I do something. Will always take others sins as my own.
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Man!I so relate to you on this one!I was blamed for **** like that when I was young!An example similar but not exact!It was my birthday coming and my younger brothers birthday was a week before mine was!My mom and I agreed to celebrate our birthdays together on his day!This would spare the extra money my mom never had and also make it a bit more special by having both my brothers friends and mine over for a better birthday bash!I was 8 or 9 at the time!Maybe 10!Anyway,I had a friend who played minor league hockey so his parents were a higher class of folk than us!When I went to his house to pick him up,his mom called my mom to confirm the birthday!I don't understand to this day what the problem was but his mom promptly told me never to hang around her son anymore and called me a liar for the birthday setup!I was crushed!I don't think I ever got over that one!Deep scars,you know?You know!HUGE HUGS BROTHER!

It;s like they pick sides . Honestly I am glad to be done with it. I just wish I could get over these feelings

You will!Life will help you forget if you focus on better things!Things that make you feel good!Make your spirit feel good!If you have any hobbies or things you like to do then jump them!Build on them!Get better at them and master them!They will keep the crap off your mind!If you believe in God,then focus more on Christ!There are so many who were slowly rotting inside before they learned about Jesus and it took them a long time before they found what the truth of Christ was!It is definetly NOT what you see on television!Not in the fake way!I'm talking about hardcore Satanists,witches,nazi skinheads,the whole ball of wax!They are the best people anyone would love to know now!I hate to preach so I will stop now!You spoke of impending doom,right?Check out a site called Shatter The Darkness!A man named Russ Dizdar speaks of the realities of what TRUE Christians face in the days we now live in!If you really want to learn something outside of the norm,check that out!Enough of that!There is always two sides of a coin!Face and tail!One good,one bad!Focus on the good!