The Truth In My Heart

If you read these words, you read my mind, I feel the soul is strong, and the heart is blind, If true love is what you seek, then you best begin looking underneath the skin the flesh the bones and blood, and beauty are most misunderstood for true love, you must follow you're heart, and then, let destiny take its part, you have heard what i said, and know it is true, and the truth in MY heart, is that I love you.

gr8jesus gr8jesus
51-55, M
6 Responses Aug 28, 2011

My friend Liz Feeling -- it is caring, sharing, helping, sacrificing Good manners are the technique of expressing considerations for the feelings of others.............:)

I don't write stories about others affairs of the heart since I don't know what their feeling are in these kind of matters. I only know what is in my own heart, my feelings, and my own marriage. I will not even think about writing how someone else feels and see's things that are a private matter.

Well But this story related to the emotions of my blind friend Liz....:)

The real meaning of true love is not to be confused with any other. It runs deep into your soul and grows more with each passing day.

that is exactly what i was imlying, as you see, i am the writer of this poem, writing it very late one night in a groggy sleepy state, because i had a dream of many friends. for, i am no artist, no poetic mastermind, im just a guy, who cares for people, and believes we all should be treated equally, no matter what the outside is like.

I thought gr8jesus wrote this, It is beautiful. You wrote a wonderful story. I agree all should be treated equal.

My Bff Lets tell me Whats the Theme of this story?......:)

Lovely story.