A Missed Date

Its been three years that me and my boyfriend are dating. Recently he joined the police academy and went for military training. Hence. its only when he comes home, that we get to see each other. During the days when he is away, i really miss very much and sometimes feel like crying. Zis feeling of being alone is terrible. After a long time, he came home last weekend and not to tell you, i was the happiest woman in the world when he called me on reaching home. So we decided to go on date the next day. I was so excited about this, after so long i would be able to talk to my heart out, to touch him, feel him beside me.

And the day finally arrived. As usual, its me who arrived before, and had to wait for him for about half an hour ! He finally arrived, on seeing him, my heart was pounding in my chest. Thought yes my happy moment had come.

Then, I saw that he was accompanied by his cousin and the latter's girlfriend. My first thought was that they are just passing by to say hello. But to my horror, they'll be accompanying us !!

When my boyfriend informed that he invited them, i wanted to cry and kill him at the same time. Saw all my happiness vanishing away and my dreams for my date breaking in front of my eyes.

Worst of all, this had no effect on my boyfriend, he was cool and maybe he was more happy that he was with them than with me. My mood got spoiled completely and for my boyfriend's sake put a fake smile on my face.

During lunch, i did not say a word, those three were talking amongst them, as if i was invisible. Even if i wish i could not participate in their conversation since they were discussing their previous meeting when  they were together, of course without me !!!

 I was feeling very stupid to constantly smiling at their stupid jokes. If I could, i would have fleed from there.

When finally my boyfriend noticed that i was more quiet than usual, he thought that i was angry since he was late and started making fun of me with his cousin ! That was so humiliating ! I was so depressed that i just sat there like a statut not uttering a word.

After lunch, could not bear them anymore, I found an excuse and return home.

At night, i was reproached of being rude to his cousin by my boyfriend. I tried to explain him, how i was feeling, but he took it personal and announced that we should break up.

The next day, he returned to his military camp, making my life upside down !

Shabee Shabee
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Time to have some extra friends of your own, and some other activities to soak up your time and less dependent on B/F for fulfillment