Time To Catch Up

Time To Catch Up

I haven't been too good at writing these lately, and I apologize for that. Life has not been so nice to me lately. Anyway, I will try to do better.

My first subject of interest would be AFP vs The Coin Part 2. I went 6 – 3 with my latest TNA picks, and The Coin went 5 – 4. This makes me 2 – 0 when going head to head vs The Coin. My overall picks vs The Coin are now 11 – 7, The Coins picks are 9 – 9. I hope all of that wasn't too confusing for all of you.

I really stunk up the joint with my latest round of WWE PPV picks by going 2 – 5. I apologize for this dismal mark, and will hopefully do better with my next round of picks.

My overall record now stand as such....

My overall TNA Picks Record is 26 – 25

My overall WWE Picks Record is 30 – 16

My Overall Picks Record is 56 – 41

Now on to a Random Rumblings type wrap up of recent events in the three major US wrestling companies.

ROH – I was all excited about the possibility of finally seeing ROH again after not having an opportunity to see them recently. Then I see their time slot in my local market - 6PM Saturday Night. I hear death bells already. Going up against college football is the last thing that ROH needed if they were going to get any type of rating what so ever. Let's hope that they can hold on and limp through the rest of football season still airing, and then maybe their ratings will pick up a bit.

TNA – ROBERT ROODE IS FINALLY GETTING A MAJOR PUSH !!!! TNA is finally doing something that they should have done a LONG time ago. Let's hope it's not an AJ Styles type push where he gets a title run, and then become a mid-carder again.

TNA Part 2 – Hogan is retiring ? Yeah, right. I can't believe that Hogan is retiring. Leaving TNA ? We can only hope so. Hogan will not retire from TNA, his ego is too big to retire from that small of a company. He will try to do something, ANYTHING to get into WWE one more time, so he can retire there in the style he thinks he deserves.

WWE – The ending of the last PPV was just a bit confusing. The whole Alberto Del Rio title run was just as confusing. Cena being the champ again, is just ridiculous. Here's to hoping that the Vinny Mac / Kevin Nash / Johnny Ace / Miz / Truth version of NWO rumors are correct. NWO, if properly done, could definitely breathe some life into these confusing times. NWO vs HHH / Punk / Cena could be HUGE !

Well that is all that I have to say for now.

Until Next Time , Have Fun Wrestling Fans !
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Sep 24, 2011