I Am With You

My body is flying out tomorrow
to some far away land
thank you for coming along
in my mind
I will show you around
I will show you to all my friends
look..this is my angel
what a smile
a heart breaker you say
no...what an angel
she is willingly coming along in my mind
and she would tell you
he is not leaving
he is right here in my mind

as I am getting ready to leave
I am thinking about the day
when we meet again
will I pull you in...
all of you
will you pull me in
all of me

that day will soon be here
that day will soon be here

I am not going miss you angel
you are willingly
coming along
antoni45 antoni45
56-60, M
3 Responses Sep 25, 2011

This is beautiful...makes me think of a Master that is setting His sights on a new venture which His slave should learn...He is going and she has but no choice to submit to His mind and the lessons He will teach...for together they grow, and Love is what makes them nurture each other...He teaches her hardcore stuff and He is but happy with her love, devotion and respect...He learns from the gentle affection and intimacy on an emotional level only she can provide and she in turn learn from Him all Divine things on a mental Level - such a blissful balance...

so beautiful thanks...can I have some of the stuff you are on...please...hahahaha

I think I am<br />
I am so damn lucky<br />
what do you think

Yes you both are!

Beautiful, she is very fortunate. Or you are!