Words Should Be Loving And Kind!

Do You ever wish You could go back in time.....take back the words that were said in anger or doubt or confusion. I do. Looking back you have the hindsight of seeing what you did or said that you should not have. Don't you wish you could do that in the moment instead of after the fact.  

I always fail to see the needs. In the heat of the moment I cannot figure the right words to say. It's no excuse, in fact it is a huge downfall. It is one I apologize for and will continue to work on. You have the ability with your words to make a person stronger. Your words are like a vitamin to their soul. So your words Can be like poison. They can wither a persons soul. 

So I owe you an apology. My words were not vitamins....they were damaging. And I am sorry! Words, my words should make you stronger and in this I failed. Our foundation should have words of strength. I will give you words of strength and building and I want to remove my damaging words.

Jordangirly Jordangirly
36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 24, 2011

i am always putting my foot in my mouth, then regret eats at my soul, you are not alone! and it's great that you are aware of it, so many people just blindly go around saying hurtful things, and have no awareness at all. you have the gift of self reflection. good on you.

So nicely said!

Yes they should but everyone is guilty of this. It's too bad but no one gets it right in the heat of the moment. Remember no one gets it right. That's why words have such power. This is a nice way to apologize though.

Beautifully said. I too have the same fault. I am so glad for forgiveness and love. They will make it better!